Monday, November 19, 2012

Random (Art-Related): Pixel Art Teaching
From SGX's album Wonderful Bite. It's a great album overall - check it out.

Hey there! Because I am sick and don't really feel like writing a full blog post on other stuff, I'm gonna cross-promote something else I'm doing cuz I'm workin' hard on it and maybe it helps you.

Are YOU an aspiring pixel artist? Do you have no spriting experience but are interested in getting into it? Maybe you have a fangame you'd just love to make but have no people to do art for it? Well, maybe I can help! I have several years pixel experience, and while I'm not exactly active in the pixel community (I need more inspiration :/) but I think I've got enough skill behind me to help out some aspiring new folks.

I was lookin' through my deviantArt messages a couple days ago, and one of the dudes I watch, MetalReaper, had posted a journal. One of the things MetalReaper posts pretty often is some really frickin' sweet realistic designs for various pokemon. In recent times though, he's taken to fakemon design, and is working on a fangame with another fella and is tryin' his hand at spriting! So today he posted his first attempts at spriting ever. I replied with an obscenely long reply that I think is really detailed on a lot of the basic components and processes we pixel artists use.

So hey, if you want a lesson on some pixel techniques, take a peek!

If you watch through the dialogue over the next while you could probably continue to learn some stuff. Anyway, that's it for today!
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