Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Songs: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP - Under a Tree

Sorry about the delay - having immense sleep weirdness this long weekend, and been struggling to come up with blog stuff. I have a plan now though, so it'll all be okay!
The S:S&S EP soundtrack, by Jim Guthrie, is a work of art. It is played out like the rest of the game, as a retro-inspired piece that embraces a new world of technology. It is calm and quiet and delicate and fulfills the ultimate task any soundtrack ever would want to: it is at the same time utterly entwined in the game it is in, enhancing both by being there, but also perfectly capable of standing on its own two feet very strongly.
I reviewed S:S&S EP earlier this year! I also used an S:S&S EP song for Midsummer Songaday! But I really wanted to use more.

Jim Guthrie in general is a damn good musician. Watching Indie Game: The Movie, I was watching and listening and thinking "this is really good music on this great movie! It feels familiar somehow though..." and about a half hour later it hits me that I read about it being Guthie's and everything made sense.

Also, having it on Android thanks to the latest Humble Bundle? SO NICE.

Superbrothers Website
My Review of S:S&S EP
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Lone Star
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Unknowable Geometry
The Prettiest Remix
The Whirling Infinite
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Confronting the Wolf
Activating Trigons

Sing a Song of Sworcery, friends.
End Recording,

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