Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Songs: Metal Gear Rising: Reveangence - LQ-84i Theme

So, this is the boss battle theme for fighting Bladewolf LQ-84i from the Metal Gear Rising: Reveangence demo. Well, sort of. Actually, this fella shortened the full song. He seems to have left the entire part with vocals, which is the real gold of the song, and otherwise the song is over eleven minutes long, so fuck that. This is a sweet as hell action song.

I wasn't exactly pumped for MGR:R. It seemed likely to devolve into a hack 'n slash like Bayonetta - a fair worry, seeing as it's partially being made by them. However, seeing the demo (LP'd by Chip Cheezum of course - I wouldn't watch it any other way) showed me what I needed to see - that this game, while it's all action and hack 'n slash on the surface, under the hood it's a metal gear game to its core. There is an astounding amount of thought in it for a "kill stuff with a sword" game. The LQ-84i fight was the tipping point for me into excitement; it had sweeter than MGS4 robot design, it had an awesome and dynamic fight with a lot of visual flare, and got me to open my ears and hear the music. Seriously, the whole soundtrack of the demo is unbelievably good, exactly what I want. The Main Theme, Abkhazian City A, Abkhazian City A -Battle-, everything about the LQ-84i fight, Abkhazian City B, the Mistral fight song, Locked & Loaded, it's all amazing. And because this is an unreleased demo soundtrack, I don't have a single link to show for it. I'm lucky I got the embed I did.

A soundtrack like this for just the demo? Hot damn. This sure ain't Harry Gregson-Williams - this is an action soundtrack for an action game, and I'll be listening on day one, believe you me.

Sorry for the lack of links, but like I said, demo with no released soundtrack.
Back with more sweet tunes next week folks.
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