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Mass Effect Hack: Loyalty, Shields, Role Move Concepts

I have no idea what Ciel Nosurge is but its soundtrack is pretty fantastic. So, uh, check it out.

Hey, so I'm back with more Mass Effect. This is becoming more of an actual thing I'm doing than I expected. It's a lot of fun to do in my downtime though.
Where we left off last time, I'd written the Stats, Basic Moves, Role Playbook Concepts, and Species Move Concepts. Here's the new shit:


So initial Loyalty is decided by the usual questions late in character creation, same as Hx. No need to futz with what's working well. The main place Loyalty comes into play is in the Give Orders move. I've already established that Loyalty can be spent to automatically get a 7-9 or all of it can be spent to deny a successful order. The change is that I'm generating Loyalty with the move as well, in the place of where it gave XP before.
I'm also considering giving a +1 Loyalty boost to those who Support Their Team, but that's not final yet. I feel like I'm not making enough use of Loyalty, but I think a decent variety of Loyalty or Give Orders-related moves is mitigating that a bit.

Loyalty runs on a 0 to 2 or 3 track - I haven't decided on the maximum yet. Kinda leaning at 2.


Here's an important thing right off the bat: Armor, Biotic Barriers, and Kinetic Shields are all the same mechanically. What it is is flavor. They all function exactly the same, though the fictional differences can alter a situation in narrative ways. I'm calling it Shields regardless.
Shields is a stat, ranked 1 or 2 by default (depending on playbook). Harm is handled as a move.
When you take serious fire, roll + Shields. On a 10+, your defenses weather the danger intact. On a 7-9, choose one:
    * Your defenses are down, your Shields are 0 until you have time to repair them (can't take this option if Shields are already 0).
    * Something important is broken.
    * You're in major trouble if your team doesn't rescue you right away.
That second option should be handled as harshly as the fiction would dictate. Actual damage to characters is narrative, motivated by Hard Moves. Death is something the MC should consult the player about if it seems like a logical conclusion, but save it for dramatic situations.
Oh yeah, and when I say "serious fire" I mean serious. A couple bullets are the assumed damage you're regularly taking as part of the general situation of battle. Just like throwing a couple bullets downrange isn't Bold Aggression, it's not serious harm to take that.

Role Playbook Move Concepts

So here's the deal: every Role Playbook has 4 moves. The standard for these hacks is 6 or 7, but your Species Playbook also brings in 3 of its own for you to play with. At chargen, you get two move choices, split across your two playooks.
Anyway, I have basic concepts, though not hard mechanics yet.

The Leader:
* Inspiring. This is related to Give Orders.
* Misson. This is its own thing.
* Trustworthy. This plays to Loyalty.
* A move about some sort of bonus when Supported, missing a name.

The Agent:
(x) Agency: Not a selectable move, this is an automatic one that doesn't take up one of your move choices. It's basically to establish the details of your Agency (Cerberus, the Alliance Military, the STG, the Shadow Broker, whatever). You pick three of:
    - Influential (holds major political or social power)
    - Wealthy (has many resources)
    - Idealist (is driven by a "noble" motive)
    - Supportive (provides noticeable aid and access to agents)
    - Appreciated (the public is fond of the Agency)
* Official Station. You have a public position recognized by others, and can draw on the hierarchy's assets.
* Believer. You have faith in your agency and are strongly motivated.
* Field Command. This is a Give Orders / Support Your Team thing.
* Senior Agent. An inefficient name for a thing using your Experienced stat.

The Rebel:
* Defiant. This acts against Give Orders.
* Stubborn. This is about Dig In socially.
* Your Own Authority. Also about Give Orders.
* Ruthless. No mechanics decided at all yet.

The Veteran:
* Contacts. This is about having people to contact or friend everywhere and stuff like that.
* Keep Fighting. This relates to the Harm ideas.
* Hold The Line. This is about Dig In.
* Well-Traveled. This is about Survey A New Planet.

The Loner:
* Distrusting. This is related to Loyalty.
* Unpredictable. This is about intentionally busting Crazy Plans.
* Private Concerns. A move about when you go off to handle personal matters when the group is doing something else.
* Solo. I'm not sure what mechanics are happening here.

The Academic:
* Specialist. This is a benefit for Biotics or Tech users.
* Codex. This is basically Spout Lore right now.
* Meticulous. This is about Crazy Plans.
* Student. Again, the mechanic is missing here.

So that's where this is at right now. Seeya again soon.
End Recording,

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