Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday Songs: Lorde - Tennis Court

I talked about Lorde a few weeks ago in a blog post, and now their first studio album is out. It's awesome. Go get it. It's called Pure Heroine, and it's a minimal-y indie-ish pop sound. Lorde is an extremely smart songwriter. I'd say "it's incredible, especially given her age" but that would only serve to lessen it. It's not "good for her age". It's straight up good, and her age makes it even more impressive that she's pulled off something better than so much other stuff on the market. Royals is some fuckin' wisdom, Tennis Court here is a piece of poetry, Team is great. The whole thing deserves your attention.

But seriously, she's 16. The difference between her and other 16 year old musicians is staggering. The Chloe Moretz of the music world.

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