Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Songs: Electronic Super Joy - FireFrost

I swear, I have a post about the Mass Effect ApW hack like 75% complete right now. But it was my birthday yesterday and I'm sick and Pokemon Y came out and Fire Emblem: Awakening is really good and my schedule is all thrown off. All those reasons are also why this is going up past midnight - I knew the song I was posting by, like, Thursday.

I haven't played Electronic Super Joy. My brother bought it, and its soundtracks, at PAX, and I haven't borrowed his Steam account yet to try it out. However, since those soundtracks are discs and he just ripped 'em to MP3 for his use, I took 'em and have been listenin' to 'em in the car and they're awesome. The right mix of beating techno, chiptune elements, and melodic rhythms to keep you interested and let it fade to the back. Great music for working, for driving, for falling asleep to (if you're like me and like falling asleep to trance/techno).

From what I've seen from my brother playing the game, it is stylish, interesting, and viciously hard, which means I've got to try it.

This Sound
Green With Me

See you all soon with some Mass Effect.

End Recording,

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