Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Songs: Aion - Forgotten Sorrow (English Version)

NOTE: if you have contacted me since Thursday, I am taking a break from internet communities due to mental fatigue and a ton of work. I was in a hit & run (I am physically 100% fine), my car was totaled and has been replaced by a car that is almost exactly the same, and in other news I have plans for Avatar World things and Mass Effect things but have critiques I will be working through first. Thank you to Gwathdring for the ME one and  Mad_Mad_Chris for the AvW one, I am excited to go through and respond to them when I get back. I will be returning to the internet at some point between tomorrow and Wednesday afternoon. Thank you for your patience. And now, Sunday Songs.

I know absolutely nothing about Aion beyond that it is a game. Like, literally nothing else. Genre, setting, plot, characters, none of it. Well, I guess I know one thing: its soundtrack is awesome.

Attack the Unison
Blue Forest
Dream of the Shepherd
Flying Dragon
Gods of the Plague
Heaven's Gate
Kingdom of Light
Raging Strings (this one kicks major ass)
Red Land
Step to the Next World (this one's also pretty amazing)
Voices From The Ruins

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