Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Songs: Mystic - Neptune's Jewels


So this song exists on two levels. First, it's by a singer called Mystic, a hip-hop / rap artist who released her album Cuts For Luck and Scars For Freedom in 2001. I'm listening to that right now and it's great. She's a heck of an artist. The album's a bit tough to track down, but it's all on her Myspace page for streaming, so that's good. I'll toss that link down below.

The song exists on another level. See, this song was The Weather for Welcome To Night Vale Episode 17 (that was Valentine). If you don't know about it, Welcome To Night Vale is a podcast that releases on the first and fifteenth of every month. It's a mock-community radio station from the imaginary town of Night Vale, a small town in the middle of a vast desert. The town isn't normal by our standards, meant to evoke Lovecraft's stuff, but everyone acts as if it's normal. It's done entirely through a single character's broadcast, the Night Vale Community Radio DJ Cecil Baldwin, and is simply an extraordinary production. You need to hear it. Each episode has a Weather segment. Where most community radio stations would tell you the forecast, Weather is actually a codeword for "and now we play a song". The songs are often quite folksy or indie, and expose a lot of smaller artists. All-in-all, it's just awesome.

Links (other than the myspace link, the rest are other good Weathers from Night Vale):
Mystic's Myspace (has full streaming of all the album)
Satellite High - The Bus Is Late
Danny Schmidt - This Too Shall Pass
Rachel Kann - I Know This (HOLY FUCK THIS IS GOOD. this is the first time I turned from what I was doing and just listened, 100%, to the Weather.)
Anais Mitchell - Of A Friday Night
Barton Carroll - Those Days are Gone and My Heart is Breaking
Dengue Fever - Sni Bong
John Vanderslice - Too Much Time
Hella - Biblical Violence
Doom Tree - Team the Best Team
Destroyer - Poor in Love
Squalloscope - Big Houses

Special thanks to Youtube user "ciaomunch" who did a great service by uploading so many of the Weathers.

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