Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pixel Art: The Amazing Man-Spider!
I don't know what's going on with me. I tried a little of Dragon Age Origins a while back and was put off a bit, but, I dunno, this song alone is really yelling at me to give it a second chance. I admit, I'm kind of a sucker for the Celtic vibe, but damn.

Hi folks, got some actual pixel art of my own today! I'm not forgetting Sunday Songs, I'm just choosing to do this first today.

I know I said in the lesson that I don't do much of my own work anymore, which is true. However, every so often there's a Weekly Challenge at PixelJoint that sparks enough of my interest to get me to whip something up. The Challenge this week was titled Super Heroic! And it had these stipulations:

* At least two frames of an original comic story featuring the dawn of a new super hero.
* No canvas size restriction.
* Maximum of 10 colors.
* Transparency optional.
* No Animation.
* All entries due by the end of Sunday.

I got a bunch of mental imagery and wanted to participate (also because when I began there were only like 3 other entries instead of the usual 20), but I've been pretty busy, so I decided to take just yesterday to together an entry. The main features of my visions were harsh blacks and blazing high-saturation colors. I sketched a plan down on paper to cement some stuff, and ended up doing the tale of reverse Spider-Man, The Amazing Man-Spider!
Here's my PJ description:
The piece itself? He's reverse Spider-Man. Of course. All the skills of a spider, but with the superior intellect and manual dexterity of a human. All powered by (what else?) radiation!

Pixel-wise, I wanted to play with the hyper-saturation with intense use of black, the sort of bright and dark contrast I think of when I think of comic books. I did end up using a low-sat purple for shadows and a couple AA colors, but all-in-all I'm happy with the color use. Some noted issues: Consistent size of lettering (it's hand-done), readability of second and third panels, level of detail in the third panel, the fact that the posing of our hero there is fairly boring (chosen since I would only be able to work on it today so I wanted to keep things simple).

The text is cheezy as hell, but that was mostly intentional actually. Again, modeling the comic book in my mind - seriously, it's reverse Spider-Man, this thing would not be a high-budget production.
Whether this is successful or not, I had fun with it, thanks to whoever came up with this challenge. If you've seen me posting around lately it should be clear that I'm no stranger to critique, so please, rip it to shreds! I'm pretty rusty at doing full pieces of my own, so I'm sure there's sufficient flaws in there.
Pretty accurate. I don't really have anything else to add. Voting for the top 3 entries is next week, so head on over to tomorrow and vote for my piece! Or whichever you think are the best three (cuz you vote for up to 3). Whether or not I win, it was a fun distraction and a nice thing to shove me back into doing my own pixels rather than just edits and modifications.

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