Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Songs: Julien-K - Waking Up
I confess, Julien-K came to my attention through Shadow The Hedgehog. That is a really bad game with some really good music. This wasn't Julien-K's first contribution to Sonic Team, though this song is actually on one of their albums (Death To Analog, which released in 2009). However, through StH, I've started listening to a bit of their other stuff. Not much, so today is also linkless (sorry, I promise next week will have links!) but you should check out their stuff.
The band was originally a side-project of Orgy that grew into its own thing. I don't know much about Orgy either. Sorry.

Anyway, enjoy the music, I should be back, like, tonight or tomorrow with another post!

None due to lack of knowledge.

End Recording,

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