Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Songs: Cryoshell - Gravity Hurts (ft. Niels Brinck)
Cryoshell is a pretty good band. They have some great pieces and some not-so-great ones, but on the whole, they're pretty awesome. A lot of it reminds of me of a female-backed Lacuna Coil, a more goth-y Halestorm, or a more rocking Evanescence. They had significant support from LEGO's Bionicle division, who used several of their songs - I confess that this is where I found them. They're Danish. It took them until 2010 to finally release an album after their formation in 2006 - I think I stumbled onto them in, well, sometime pretty close to their formation actually!
They worked with Neils Brinck for a few songs, notably Face Me and Gravity Hurts. These are their main male-backed songs. Gravity Hurts got a re-recording with a female vocalist several years later, and while the production values are noticeably higher, I just don't quite like it as much.

I recommend checking them out.

Creeping in my Soul
Closer to the Truth
The Room
Come To My Heaven
Face Me

End Recording,

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