Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Songs: Milky Way Wishes - Spelunking In Space

I don't feel like writing a huge post today so I'm just gonna skim the highlights.
* Milky Way Wishes is the new OCRemix album that released this week. It is 8 years in the making - the album was just starting when I first discovered OCRemix. It's amazing it ever managed to release. But I have some nostalgic attachment to the album just from that. Anyway, it's a remix album of a bunch of songs from Kirby Super Star!
* This is a song by Hylian Lemon, who was himself the director of a remix album (though not an officially-sanctioned OCRemix one, but it's still great) called Essence of Lime which was a remix album for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. He's also doing one for seasons that had its final submission date today, which is kinda exciting. Anyway, he has a bubbly pseudo-chiptune sound that I'm quite fond of.
* This is a remix of Cocoa Cavern, an awesome song from KSS.

Milky Way Wishes
Essence of Lime
No more links right now I might come back later

I've just finished an art piece for The Waterbender, I posted it on deviantart (check my twitter for a link) but am going to wait to revise a few Waterbender moves before making a post here. I'm super-excited.

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