Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Songs: Bit.Trip Runner 2 - Theme

Sorry for lateness on everything - it's finals week.
At 9:50 this morning, I was stuck in internal debate. The sale on Bit.Trip Runner 2 would end in 10 minutes, and I desperately wanted the game. But I've been shelling out quite a bit of cash lately (90 for my Go Play NW tickets just a few days ago), so I wasn't sure I wanted to blow the money. I let impulse take over and I bought it.
An hour after starting, I can firmly say it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. This is a fucking awesome game by awesome people. I miss the pixelly goodness, and the art direction is a maybe a little too weird for my taste at times, but it plays super solid. Not as hard as the original though - Odyssey may have been brutal for a World 1 level, but it was oh-so-satisfying to beat it.

Welkin Wonderland
Cloud Titans
Welcome To Brine Time
The Supernature
Frank Engage (feat. Disasterpiece)
Blue of the Brine (Remix)

End Recording,

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