Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Songs: Uncharted 2 - The Road To Shambhala
Sorry for missing yesterday's Pixel Art Lesson, we're residing the back of the house and it is exhausting work and I didn't already have something prepped. Hey, I've gone 11 weeks without missing it at all, that's pretty good! And pretty surprising that I've been going with those for THREE MONTHS. Hasn't felt it. 'Course, it hasn't felt like I've done half a year of Sunday Songs either.
Anyway, today we have Uncharted. Specifically, this song is from Uncharted 2, but I don't think it's actually very representative of the actual musical style of the series, I just like the song. I'm incredibly familiar with the first two games through Chip And Ironicus's Let's Plays, and I beat the third myself not long ago in a single marathon session. It was great.
As a whole, the series moves between having a very orchestral sound and having a more ethnic-inspired sound, using a certain guitar in particular across the series to evoke some of that feeling (the first link with it is Unlocking The Past, but it's in several). I was gonna show Nate's Theme 3.0 today, but when I saw the length I decided to go with this song instead.

The games are great. Must-haves for PS3 owners, and their soundtracks are all worth listening to. The lovely Azam Ali helped with several of the songs on U3, and most of it is composed by Greg Edmonson, who was also the composer for Firefly!

Nate's Theme
Uncharted Island
Unlocking The Past
Eldorado Megamix (DJ Shadow)

Uncharted 2
Nate's Theme 2.0
Bustin' Chops
The Heist
Urban Warfare
The City's Secret
Fightin' Time
Broken Paradise, Part 2

Uncharted 3
Nate's Theme 3.0
Atlantis of the Sands
Boarding Party
The Caravan

Later folks.
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