Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Songs: Ico - You Were There

I confess to never having played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus. I've never owned a PS2! And the HD Collection is on my short list of games to get for my PS3. I know the allegations of the games being true "art" games, which I scoff at a little bit since I consider most games to be works of artistry and singling Ico and SotC out as art seems disingenuous to all the other games I would also call art, especially since I think they just play into what people pre-conceive as "what art is". But I can't deny that the games have stellar art design - especially SotC, whose bosses are stunning in their designs. The artbook for the game is totally worth it, even if it is in Japanese.
Hoping for more The Last Guardian news soon.

Ico Songs:
Castle in the Mist (this one is super good and is second place for getting today's embed)

Shadow of the Colossus Songs:
Prologue ~To The Ancient Land~
Opened Path ~Fight With Colossus~
Violent Encounter ~Fight With Colossus~
Resurrected Power ~Fight With Colossus~
Fear of Power ~Fight With Colossus~
The Farthest Land
Messenger From Behind ~Fight With Colossus~
Counter-Attack ~Fight With Colossus~
Epilogue ~Those Who Remain~
In the Land of Happiness

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