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Art, Schoolwork: Drawing 101 Assignments

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This semester I took Drawing 101. Honestly, I kinda felt a bit silly taking it seeing as I already know how to draw pretty well, but I needed an Art credit, so hey, whatever. Easy A, right?
I wasn't wrong. I finished the semester with a grade of 109%. Out of a little over a dozen assignments, worth around 165 total points, I missed less than 10 over the course of the whole semester.

Early on I showed off a few drawings from my Sketchbook, but here I'll show my in-class assignments. I'll do another post soon with my Sketchbook stuff.

Assignment 1: Proportions (In-Class)
This had about two days of in-class work put into it, with a class taking about 2 hours. We were presented with a still life to portray. Two major ideas were being assessed - 1) relative proportions and positioning to each other, intended to be achieved through proportion boxes, level/plumb lines, and point system.
It has some trouble, but it's pretty okay.

Assignment 2: Proportions (Homework)
Same thing, but with a couple objects at home.
Mehh, not as good. It's okay, just far less interesting. I didn't spend much time on it.

Assignment 3: Continuous Line (Homework)
The  special thing about continuous line is that a) I can't lift the pencil from the paper, and b) I can't look at the paper while I draw. If I stop moving I can look at the page, but I can't move while looking. The assignment involved drawing a complex mechanical object.
It's...okay. I wasn't super happy about this one, and I struggled with continuous line at first.

Assignment 4: Negative Space
For this one, we weren't drawing the objects, we were drawing the empty space between objects.
It's a skeleton sitting in a chair. I really like how it turned out. The black was charcoal.

Assignment 5: 1-Point Perspective (Homework)
This was a drawing from right-on a thing, drawn with a single vanishing point.
My upstairs hallway. Ehh, pretty good. The right side is off-kilter.

Assignment 6: 2-Point Perspective (Homework)
As the 1-point, but with multiple vanishing points.
My flash hurt the outlines a touch in this photo. It's the corner of my bed and my room with some of my books that were piled up.

Assignment 7: Continuous Line (Extra Credit)
This is another continuous line drawing. If it wasn't clear before, the lines are both external lines, but also barriers of light and shadow (and other value) sections. BEcause my previous one was unsatisfying to me, I wanted to do my extra credit as another one that I would do better on, and I feel way better about this one.

Assignment 8: Structure Drawing
Structure drawings are like previous drawings where you draw the barrier between light and shadow, but instead of just 2 values, you draw the barriers of each value shift since each one represents a plane change
The lack of flash kinda hurt this photo, but it's still pretty good. Drawing-wise, I'm super happy with this one. It even got put up outside the classroom for a couple days with a couple other ones.

Assignment 9: Value Drawing (Cast)
This was done on toned brown paper with both white and black charcoal. It was really neat and I liked doing it. We were drawing from a cast bust of a dude.
Super happy with it.

Assignment 10: Value (Live Model)
Same thing but with a live model.
Intimidating, but I really like it. Fun stuff. Hard with a live model over multiple days.

Assignment 11: Colored Pencil
This was done on a textured gray toned paper with colored pencils.

I'm damn happy.

Assignment 12: Final Project
The final project had three options. First, you could do a version of yourself as an animal - often a hybrid. Second, you could do a portrait of yourself in a non-standard reflective surface (spoon etc). Third, you could draw a portrait of a steampunk version of yourself. Pretty kickass assignment.
Worked out good. I'm satisfied with it.

Overall, in the class I scored 109%. So, uh, an A.
If there's one thing the class taught me is that having confidence and boldness in your lines makes it look better. By a lot. Hesitation and nervousness are visible and if you look like you feel good about it, even if you don't, it'll get some good response.

Anyway, later folks.
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