Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Avatar World: The Monk's Moves Completed!

Really like this song. It's long, and the version I have on my soundtrack (some dude's custom ost) is spliced parts of this, but I love the middle eastern vibe that the song gives off, it's great for Samara and the Justicars.

SURPRISE! I actually wrote Avatar World stuff!

Where has this stuff been? Stuck. I've been bashing my head against finishing the Monk for a while now and just wasn't sure where to go with it. I kept trying and nothing was coming. Maybe it's been a couple of other side-track things I've been doing with ApW hack work (such as The Doppleganger, or talking with JasonT on S-G about his Mass Effect ApW hack the past few days), but I've had my head back in the AvW space the past few days, so I sat down with a few hours of the show Defiance and wrote the rest of the Monk.
(note: Defiance isn't related to AvW in any way, I just kinda enjoy it as a show in the background. Also, you should check it out because it is literally just an Apocalypse World game with aliens in it - it's amazing how ApW it really is)

Anyway, I'm just gonna put out the stuff I have.

The Monk is a Natural/Solid playbook. There will be a balance of stat arrays with +2Nat/+1Sol and +1Nat/+2Sol.

Clarity of Senses: It's hard to take advantage of your watchful eyes. As long as you have at least 1 Chi, activating tags against you costs an additional Chi (even for the MC).
I dunno about the name. I'm also not sure how useful it actually is. We'll see.
Guru: You teach others the path to self-improvement. When highlighting stats, choose another player and highlight a third stat. All of that player's rolls to Help/Hinder you are considered to be 10+ for this session.
The last move I wrote, and probably risky business. I kinda like it though. I can't lie that I was definitely thinking of ApW's The Solace when I wrote it.
Rivers of Energy: You may pay 1 Chi to redistribute the Chi of all characters you're touching however you like.
No permission needed! This is strong as hell probably. 
Calm Stability: When you are still and unflinching in the face of imminent harm, roll+Solid. On a 10+, the danger washes over you harmlessly. On a 7-9, you still come through unscathed except (choose one):
     * the experience is painful (take 1 Harm) but you are unphazed.
     * your resolve is broken, take the Tag Shaken.
     * ?
I feel like there should be a third, but I dunno what it is. It's pretty decent only with two. This is a more fun defense thing I believe than Chi armor.
Stillness: When you are subtle with your motions or settle into a defensive stance, you Move With Intention using Natural instead of Fluid.
Pretty simple. Didn't want an unconditional stat-substitution move, but with fictional reinforcement I like it. 
Spiritual: With effort, you can contact entities of the Spirit World. When you meditate to call upon a spirit, roll+Chi spent. On a 10+, that spirit appears to you. On a 7-9, choose two:
     * The correct spirit appears,
     * The spirit is benevolent,
     * The spirit doesn't want something in return.
 This one took me a while to write, but I'm now quite fond of it. Want to hear what you think of this one.

Also, I wrote the Oaths. The Monk starts with an Oath With Self to represent their monastic vows.
Your monestary prized one or more of the following vows:
* I will not intentionally harm another,
* I will not tell falsehoods,
* I will not afford myself any luxury.
 That's a vow of Peace, a vow of Honesty, and a vow of Poverty.

Uh, that's the stuff I think I've got now. However, that's enough stuff to say I'm good with the Monk right now and can move on to the final two playbooks!
Well, the Aristocrat, yeah. The other one is the Airbender. "But Ego, didn't you do the Airbender already?" you ask! Well, yes, but it's also pretty bad, and I don't feel satisfied with it at all, so I'm gonna re-write it.
Anyway, later!

End Recording,

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