Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Songs: Février - Walking Song

So, uh, hello. I guess I'm coming in pretty under the wire, huh? I meant to come by earlier, I had this song all ready and everything, but then I started playing Mass Effect and time got away from me. But who cares, it's Sunday Songs time!

Fevrier is a solo act by a friend of mine from a small forum I'm part of. He's the same guy as the band 34, and he's been getting really good. Honestly, his early vocal work was a little shakily-executed, but now, especially with this song and with The Trembling Giant (the track this EP is named for) he's gotten pretty damn good. This particular song merges everything I loved about 34's sound with his newer Fevrier sound, and damn is it good.

This EP is brand new actually! I wanted to give him some advertising. It's up for Pay What You Want (thank you very much Bandcamp for offering that), so feel free to just download, or use it to donate and support his efforts!

Rock on, Fevrier.

Fevrier Bandcamp
The Trembling Giant EP (all songs from it can be heard here)
34 Bandcamp
Arbent Rite (my favorite 34 album, and his first)

Also, just an announcement for next week's regular things, there won't be a Pixel Art Lesson unless I get it done really early, but I already know what Sunday Songs will be so it'll get posted right on time. This is because my whole weekend is going to be dominated by Go Play NW! I'm super excited.

End Recording,

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