Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Songs: MS MR - Hurricane

Well, before I get to the video, I'll make the announcement again here cuz these are the posts music-lovers are most likely to read: Embeds are back! AdSense is a huge fucker and refuses to approve me for copyrighted material even after I removed it all, so fuck it, I can't figure it out and it's not worth losing out on the music stuff.
I put everything on the front page back, but re-adding embeds is a huge bitch of a project so I'll be doing it over time. Eventually they'll all be back though!

Also, if you're looking the Pixel Art Lesson scheduled for yesterday, I'm still writing the critique for it, so please bear with me. I made a complete edit of the piece for it, so there'll be a bonus post to go with it documenting my entire process of the edit! So it'll be worth the wait, the piece is one with a lot of potential and such has my critique bones rattling hard.

Anyway, to Sunday Songs!

I know literally nothing about MS MR. I heard the end of this song on the radio and had to track it down. They've got this dark sound with curious ethereal vocals (I think through multi-tracking her voice), but it's pretty sweet. They also have this kind of older, near-vintage vibe to them, but they started in 2011 actually! I'm gonna be checking out their album.
For more just check out their Wikipedia page:

That's why I inflated the top stuff a bit, cuz I have no links today :/

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