Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Songs + Movie Review: Now You See Me - Codec

Now You See Me is a move currently in theaters, about a group of magicians called the Four Horsemen who use their magic to perform large crimes in public defiance of the police. I was expecting a regular ol' crime movie, and thought it'd be decent.

I wasn't expecting Ocean's 4, with all the great things that brings with it. The cast was full of stars I didn't know were in it (Mark Ruffalo? Morgan Freeman? Michael Caine? Jesse Eisenberg? It's like a who's who of some of my favorite recent performances), the camerawork was really fresh and fun, it featured slick and charismatic criminals (stylish like the Clooney/Pitt/Damon trio in the Ocean's movies or Matt Bomer's character in the show White Collar), and it had some of the most over the top and crazy magic tricks I could think of. Starring an all-purpose magician, an up-and-coming illusionist, an escape artist, and a mentalist, the movie was all around a fantastic time. Yeah, the ending is a little vague and leaves you puzzle it out for yourself and kinda leaves you hanging without resolving anything, it was the most fun I've had at the movies in a while, and I loved Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness, and had an absurd blast of a time with Fast and Furious 6, so that's kinda saying something. Really, ignore the critics this time. It's definitely worth seeing, and worth seeing on the big screen too.

Now the music. See, the movie's soundtrack is amazing. Definitely the best film soundtrack of the year so far. It uses a single theme melody to tie a lot of the songs together, and there are several remixes of the main song in the movie. While much of it is a sort of electronic-augmented orchestral slash jazzy feel, there's also a number of far more electronic songs here. Party movies wish they could use dubstep and the like in the way this movie does. This song, Codec, is a great one. Technically it's by a guy called Zedd instead of Brian Tyler (who did the rest of the soundtrack).

Verdict: Go see this movie, for serious. Also buy the soundtrack. But more importantly, go see the movie and support this director's continuing efforts. (ps he's the guy who directed the first two Transporter movies as well as the Edward Norton Hulk, which was a good one).

Now You See Me
The Four Horsemen
Now You See Me (Robert Delong Remix)
Welcome To The Eye
Now You See Me (Spellbound Remix)
NOTE: these remixes are official and on the soundtrack, not fan stuff.

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