Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Songaday DAY 18-29

DAY 18 - Skyrim - Dragonborn
The only particularly good song on the whole soundtrack. Thankfully, it's very good. A similar version (titled One They Fear) plays when fighting dragons as well.

DAY 19 - FFVII Voices of the Lifestream - Mark of the Beathsmith
An excellent remix project by OCRemix again, Voices of the Lifestream remixes a whole ton of Final Fantasy VII stuff. This is among the better songs.

DAY 20 - Halo 2 - Ghosts of Reach
Highlights everything I love in the Halo soundtracks. The various Upon A Pale Horse versions were runners-up.

DAY 21 Sleepthief - Eurydice
Found these fellows recently, they're really good! I don't know what I think it sounds like, but it sounds like SOMETHING I've heard before.

DAY 22 - Delirium - After All (Andrew Sega Remix)
The original is also good. This got to be on Disc 2 of the same album. It actually won a contest to get there.

DAY 23 - Relics of the Chozo - Full of Life
The first OCRemix project, Relics of the Chozo was a Super Metroid remix project. This is Brinstar, and it is good.

DAY 24 - Serenity - Going For A Ride
Firefly/Serenity is awesome. So is this song.

DAY 25 - Metroid Metal - Downed Frigate
They do metal covers of Metroid songs. They're good!

DAY 26 - Summoning of Spirits - The Koan of Drums
Summoning of Spirits is my favorite OCRemix project. This is a remix by DJ Pretzel, the site's creator.

DAY 27 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Icarus, Main Theme
Haven't played the game yet, but the soundtrack is great.

DAY 28 - Sweet Talk Radio - We All Fall Down
The band that's done a bunch of music for SyFy channel's show Haven (which is also excellent). This song was a part of one of the early episodes and was soon released on its own, and I love the song.

DAY 29.
Hmm. I want to do something special for the final day, but I don't really have anything.
Actually, no embed this time. Here:
34 - A Chain to the Edge of the Sky
34 is an older band by our own Ataraxia before he moved on to Fevrier. This is from the first album, Arbent Rite, which is one of my favorite albums. This is an amazing song from it.
Here, have Fevrier's site as well. Download his album, it's good.
(Note for the blog: Ataraxia is from the forum I frequent, Kakariko Graveyard, where Songaday is also happening, so that's what I'm talking about).

So that should be it! All the catch-up, and the conclusion of the month! I know I haven't posted any since the 17th, but I HAVE been keeping up, so I count this as a success. Thanks for listening! I'll collect Bro's remaining songs real soon.

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