Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Songaday Day Seventeen

Better late than never. I'm traveling through next Tuesday, and I don't know if the other days will have internet at the hotel (I sure as hell hope so or I'm gonna go crazy) but I'm doing stuff, so the next couple days'll likely be late as well. I'll try to get 'em up before I go to bed though. Info on things will be ultra-light or non-existent for now though.
EGO DAY SEVENTEEN: Ziwtra (Humans + Gears: Xenogears Remixed OCRemix Project) - Of Sea And Fire (Bonds of Sea and Fire)
Well, I love OCRemix projects so I figure now that I've unrestricted myself I'll post some of them for a bit. Humans + Gears is a bit of an older project, from 2006. It's still excellent in places, though it occasionally falls flat. Still, definitely worth a listen. The album's free!
Humans + Gears dedicated site:

BRO DAY SEVENTEEN: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Sound of the Wind
Great game, great song. I enjoy it more when I don't understand the lyrics here, gives it more of a fantasy vibe even though I know it's just Japanese.

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