Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Songaday Day Eight

Shut up, I'm not late, I was busy.
EGO DAY EIGHT: InMomentum - Zoned In
Don't feel like talking much tonight, but I'll say that inMomentum is an indie-ish minimalistic sci-fi platform racing game with a WICKED soundtrack. This is one of my favortie songs from it, it definitely fits in my playlist.
Currently available as a part of the top level bundle for Indie Gala, so if you want a pile of indie games with some awesome music for just $10, this is a great deal.
inMomentum site:
Indie Gala:

BRO DAY EIGHT: Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
I could write more about this right now, but I'm just not feeling it. Later maybe.

End Recording,

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