Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Songaday Day Seven

EGO DAY SEVEN: Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thomson - My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)
You know what? Now THIS is a song to talk about. I have *4* groups to talk about with this one.
The core, Super8 & Tab: A trance duo from Finaland! They were spearate until 2005, when they teamed up. They've had one album, and then a remix album of that first album. They've done a couple big released DJ mixes, and a bunch of singles. Oh, plus a whole mess of remixes. I haven't listened to much of it, but I like what I've heard.
The voice, Julie Thomson: The singer for the song. I've not heard anything else by her but I like her voice in this.  Worth another check, I think!
The remixer, Rank 1: A Dutch trance group, the longest-lived and known of the these fellows. They've been around since 1997, and are considered one of the originators of Dutch trance. I, um, haven't actually listened to much by them either! So yeah, if you haven't caught on I'm sort of stalling for length here since I don't have anything to say about Bro's either.
Trance Is Life Podcast: A vocal trance podcast, I love these guys. They started Episode 29 with this song, and that's where I heard it. I just want to plug these guys since they're so good. DJs AlborZ and Dan Young compile the best recent vocal trance each episode. Totally good, if you like trance these guys rock.
Super8 & Tab site: http://bit.ly/DriMw
Julie Thomson site (a myspace music page): http://mysp.ac/5hqgdQ
Rank 1 site: http://bit.ly/xIirwW
Trance Is Life: http://bit.ly/1JAJtt

BRO DAY SEVEN: Glenn Miller - Tuxedo Junction
I'm actually not an enormous old jazz fan. Also, I know it wasn't techincally written by Miller originally, but he arranged it differently, and "Birmingham, Erskine Hawkins, Bill Johnson, and Julian Dash" doesn't quite flow off the tongue the same way. No care for links, also I have 12 minutes to post this so I'm done now.
No links.

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