Friday, February 3, 2012

February Songaday Day Three

EGO DAY THREE: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix)
Well, I actually don't know much about The White Stripes. Or the Glitch Mob. And I don't feel like writing up a whole description thing.
A couple things of note, though. The Glitch Mob has done a bunch of other remixes, including a remix of Derezzed, the link for which can be found on Bro Day Two. Also, you may have heard this cut apart a bit recently in the trailer for the next GI Joe movie. The bass is sweet as hell.
White Stripes site:
Glitch Mob site:

BRO DAY THREE: Moby - South Side
Actually, I don't have that much info on Moby either. He's been met with lots of success, he was one of the harbingers of electronic, and this is a pretty good song by him. He has a number of good songs, such as Extreme Ways (heard in the credits of the Bourne films) and a great rendition of the 007 theme.
Moby site:
Moby - Extreme Ways:
Moby - 007 Theme:
Moby - Natural Blues:
Moby - Porcelain:

Short and quick today. Later folks.
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