Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Songaday Day Two

Okay, if you're wondering about the links, the forum I'm doing this on isn't letting me post links to youtube without saying I have too many "media" things in my post so I'm shortening to get around that. I know that's not an issue here but I'm just writing up one post and putting it in both places and don't want to replace all the links.

EGO DAY TWO: Afro Celt Sound System - North and North, Pt. 2
Afro Celt Sound System is almost exactly what it sounds like, a group that mixes African and Celtic musical influences and styles with the electronic systems we have today. It's really pretty great. Some of their stuff isn't all that great, but most of Volume 3: Further in Time is fantastic. I also recommend most of Seed.
They appeared in 1995 and went strong until 2005, when they went on hiatus. In 2010 they returned to play a number of shows and release a Best-Of style album, Capture. Over the years they've worked with a number of guests, including the genre's star, Peter Gabriel (also on Volume 3), and Robert Plant, who was the guest on one of my favorite ACSS songs, Life Begin Again.
Here's a funny note: You search Afro Celt Sound System on Google and the band's page is actually the third link. Wikipedia is second, and the first is actually a fan website, which is a rather impressive showing for a band.
Not much else to say! I love these guys, and just might toss out some more ethnic fusion before the month is up.
They have similar tones to Euphoria, and they're on my short list of bands. I picked this today to break up all the electric stuff so far (seeing as bro picked electronic today too), so I'll save Euphoria for another set of days like this.
Afro Celt Sound System site:
Afro Celt fan site:
ACSS - Life Begin Again:
ACSS - When You're Falling (with Peter Gabriel):
ACSS - Seed:

BRO DAY TWO: Daft Punk - Derezzed
Well, Bro picked Daft Punk out from under me. I was saving these guys. Oh well, here goes. Daft Punk are a French electronica duo, specializing in house music. They are known for a number of things, but one of the most interesting is their masks. They went to good lengths to keep their identities hidden, wearing the masks not just for shows and music videos but also in interviews. They've had themselves interviewed while the camera faced their backs or the other direction, they've been interviewed in headbags, and a number of other stunts. More recently, they've been known for the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, which was all by them (save for two older licensed songs used). Their most known song is probably Harder Better Faster Stronger, and a they've been remixed a great many times. This song in particular was remixed by The Glitch Mob for a TRON: Legacy remix album titled TRON: R3CONFIGUR3D.
Daft Punk site:
Tron R3configur3d - Derezzed (Glitch Mob):
DP - Harder Better Faster Stronger:
DP - Technologic:
DP - Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger (with Steam Machine intro):
Tron Legacy - End of Line:
Tron R3configur3d - End of Line (Photek):

That should be it!
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