Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Songaday Day One

Well, here we are again. I highly enjoyed the last one, and I still know enough songs to fill another. Also, I burned the last set onto discs and they've been one of our favorite pair of CDs to just listen to, so hey, another batch it is!
The rules are the same as before. 1 song per day, not necessarily a favorite, but I have to like it. No overlapping bands - as an additional piece, I'm not going to overlap any of the initial 30 Days either.
 My brother also wants to do one, and since he doesn't have any interest in making an account beyond that, this'll be a double feature. Assuming he can follow through. Meh. I don't always like his taste, maybe you do. He gets it embedded here too!


Well, if you've been to the theater recently you may have heard this - it's the first song in the credits for Underworld: Awakening, which is where I heard it (review of movie on blog). The song is, obviously, a remix of an Evanescence song, remixed by Danny Lohner, aka Renholdër. Evanescence is an American band that does gothic-inspired rock. I really like Amy Lee's voice, and the guitar work is cool. The album I've listened the most to is The Open Door, so my links will come from that. They have 3 albums now, the latest being Evanescence (yeah, self-titled on the 3rd album? Odd). Haven't listened to it yet, but I'm gonna.
Renholder (just gonna ignore typing the accent from now on) on the other hand has had a much longer career. He's been heavily involved with Nine Inch Nails, having played with them live numerous times and appeared in every song on And All That Could Have Been. He's worked with Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Metallica, and a host of others. He's been very involved with A Perfect Circle, who I regret to say I haven't heard anything from. Maybe I'll just link to their page or something. Most notably, Renholder has been a big part of the soundtracks for the Underworld movie franchise - only a couple songs on 1 and Evolution, a few on Rise of the Lycans, and more than half the Awakening soundtrack is him, including this song.
So yeah, I like doing remixers because I get to talk about 2 different people and it makes my links section bigger :3 Links:
Evanescence Website:
Danny Lohner aka Renholder's Official Myspace Page:
A Perfect Circle's Website (If I like these guys enough they might get their own day):
The original Made of Stone by Evanescence:
Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober:
Evanescence - Weight of the World(This is my favorite non-remixed of their's right now):
Evanescence - Good Enough:
Within Tempation (a band with a very similar sound to Evanescence, so much that I mistake them for each other sometimes. They might get a day too eventually):

So, I'm not writing out a ton every day for bro since I often don't like his taste that much. This is a pretty okay one, but I nothing about Nero and have no will to go searching. I suppose it's worth noting that he was totally gonna say something by Skrillex before I cut him off, as I refuse to link to something like Skrillex in my Songaday.

So, uh, yeah. Here's to another fun month of Songaday!
End Recording,

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