Friday, January 18, 2013

Historical Songaday: Day 18 (Cirrus - Half A Cell)

I am very busy tonight, but have no interest in being late again.
I can say some more about Cirrus(they're electronic, probably have some cool history, maybe a side-project) but the only link I'm gonna throw tonight is the other song I could have put in. It was a major toss-up, but I picked Half a Cell.
EDIT: Okay, I have some more time now. Let's see, Cirrus is considered a big beat band, though I see them more as a more downtempo electronica. Then again, I've only listened to Counterfeit, their last album, which came out in 2002. Counterfeit is great. It really is. Bookended with Boomerang and a reprise of Boomerang, with songs like Half a Cell, Ghettoblaster, Breakbeat Suckers, and Dragon Lounge. Boomerang was the first Cirrus song I heard, from my dad's music collection. Turns out it's hard to dig up any history on these DJs at all; their wikipedia entry is pretty damn bare.
Thankfully, I'm able to pad out this info with a side project. Cirrus is composed of two main DJs, Aaron Carter and Stephen James Barry. Aaron Carter has, in more recent years, moved into a solo career under the name Prodonaut. Haven't heard anything by them, but I'll throw a link in anyway.
Hey again! And we're back! From now until the end of the month I'll be finishing Historical Songaday, one a day until the end of the month. If you want to know what comes next, the whole list is already on the Music page (tab up top :) ). Cirrus is good.

Their site: http://cirruscirrus....ite/CIRRUS.html
Breakbeat Suckers:
Boomerang(Nynex Remix): (haven't listened to it, but if I can include a remix, hey, why not)
Forensic(Prodonaut song):

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