Thursday, January 24, 2013

Historical Songaday: Day 24 (Enigma - TNT For The Brain)


...There was no text on the old entry. But this is Enigma, a band who does cool things that make for great calm meditation music as well as great near-ambient electronica. If you like the Meditation-style side of things, check out MCMXC A.D. (their original album). If you like the electronica side of things, check out Voyageur or the L.S.D. Love Sensuality Devotion Remix album, which is my personal favorite overall. Probably the best mix in my opinion is The Screen Behind The Mirror (and this is my favorite non-remix album) but you can also check out Seven Lives Many Faces for some more recent work.
I'm not so fond of Seven Lives Many Faces compared to the others, but a really interesting side note would be that the indie game Bastion (great game btw) pretty much directly lifted a riff from the title song of the Enigma album. That's on From Wharfs To Wild or something like that.

No links today. Just google those terms I wrote. Enigma is 100% worth checking out further.

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