Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random: Happy Bloggiversary!
This is a great song that headlines 9-Bit Blitzkrieg, a chiptune album put together by a bunch of musicians who usually operate within the OCRemix community. I know chiptunes aren't everyone's deal - they aren't always mine either, but this one is.

Today is the one-year mark of having been writing this blog for me. One year ago this blog was an infrequently-updated record of a personal conversion of Metroid elements to D&D 4e - and I still stand by those conversions as decent. But on January 17, 2012, I closed that off and started the new Logbook Project. I've accomplished some pretty cool milestones, and done some pretty cool things. Let's see what I've done:

* Actual play of a number of games, though not nearly as many as I meant to write AP for. I still have a couple burning to be written though!
* Art of the Pantheon, an art project featuring the gods of Bastion. This is still incomplete, and I do hope to go back to it, but not yet.
* February Songaday. Midsummer Songaday. October Songaday. Sunday Songs. Through various avenues, over the year I've shared over a hundred and fifty songs and countless links.
* I gave annotated feedback for multiple drafts of Dungeon World and D&D Next, as well as tremulus.
* I've reviewed movies and games with infrequency but always with detail.
* I wrote about RPGs. I played RPGs. I played RPGs at conventions(!). I designed elements for RPGs. And now I'm writing an RPG. Avatar World is happening, and coming along at a sweeter clip than I ever expected.

When I first rebooted the blog, after the initial rebooting post it took me a week to post even a "Getting Up To Date" message. It took me another half-week before my first content. Now I can't go three days without getting antsy about not posting. Including this post, I'll have published 224 posts in the year. Now, at least 50 of these are Songaday posts. But still, those count.

Speaking of Songaday, that's the first reason I made the blog, to have an off-site location for me to keep stuff so people other than my friends on Kakariko Graveyard could see it. Now I find myself linked on Story Games on occasion (and it makes me grin ear-to-ear every time) - one time recently I got linked for something I didn't even remember writing, which is hilarious. Ben Robbins's Microscope site is consistently my strongest source of views thanks to a hovering link there to my Microscope AP from Go Play NW. I don't doubt in the least that this blog has helped me get in better touch with the RPG community, nor do I doubt that Twitter and G+ have helped there as well. (still though, I'm not getting a tumblr - after the pop thing I need some place to pretend I still have indie cred, and getting a tumblr would pretty much crush that)

So, funny story. For 8 months of the year, I forgot to tell Blogger not to track my own visits as pageviews. So there's some serious inflation in there. But you know what? I'm damn sure that I didn't visit this place 13,000 times this year. And you know who I have to thank for that. You. Mr./Ms. Reader. You have kept me going. I don't see most of you, but just seeing the pageview count tick up meant that someone was reading what I was writing and that someone had a chance to enjoy my work. And that's what I really love - I'm doing this cuz I love it, but I'm sharing it cuz I love knowing other people might value what I'm saying.
So thank you.

Now, I think I'm done patting myself on the back for now. Hell, I go by the handle "Ego", I'm surprised I don't self-aggrandize more often.
(note: if I self-aggrandize more often, please internet-smack me and tell me to cut it out)

So what's coming soon? Uh, I need to write an essay on a moral situation in Apoclaypse Now tonight, so that should be post-able. Hopefully I'll get off my ass and write the AP I owe soon, though likely not tonight. Tomorrow I start finishing Historical Songaday again, Sunday is Sunday Songs, and that's about all I can think of. There'll be more Avatar World shortly as well, I promise.
End Recording,

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