Friday, January 25, 2013

Historical Songaday: Day 25 (The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do)

Wow, almost done. Anyways, whenever someone speaks about The Crystal Method, it instantly brings two other bands to mind, which are The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy (or just Prodigy, I can never remember). To me, they define the basics of the electronica genre, in different ways. Classic The Crystal Method, by which I mean their first album Vegas, are hard electronic techno stuff, with the exception of Trip Like I Do. The whole album is awesome, even if it does get a bit repetitive. Their latest (Divided By Night), on the other hand, does a lot of different stuff, with tons of guest artists and such. It's got a bit of the techno (mostly Double Down Under and Divided By Night), but a lot of it is much more melodic. I like Kling To The Wreckage and Come Back Clean.
How would I compare its sound to Chemical Bros and Prodigy? Well, Prodigy is more conventional and lyrical(sort of), Chemical Bros are light British electronica, and Crystal Method is their darker American cousin. Which one is better? I don't know. I love 'em all.
Having acquired sufficient fame a while ago, they've been used in all sorts of pop culture. Most notably, I'm fairly sure they were in a Matrix movie. The Matrix movies ended up using all sorts of cool electronica music, didn't they? The FOX tv show Bones had Crystal Method create an intro song for them too.
Sounds about right. No new albums in the past year to my knowledge - unfortunate, I've been jonesin' for some new TCM. On time today!

Their site:
Busy Child:
Double Down Under:
Divided By Night:
Kling To The Wreckage:
Come Back Clean:
Keep Hope Alive(MSTRKRFT Remix)(It's really good, off of the Vegas Deluxe edition):

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