Sunday, January 27, 2013

Historical Songaday: Day 27 (The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize)

Rounding out the basic electronica/Big Beat trio(although while researching these I've found that Fatboy Slim should be there too, but I don't like too much of his stuff) is The Chemical Brothers, formerly The Dust Brothers until they realized that someone else was already using that. It was the original Dust Brothers that made Fight Club's soundtrack, but the Chemical Brothers rapidly became a big name in pioneering big beat music. Push The Button is my favorite album, followed by We Are The Night. This assumes, of course, that I'm not counting Push The Button's remix album, Flip The Switch, which I reference in the Prodigy post, which very well might take first place.
Actually got panicked for a moment there. I went to find it so I could listen to it, and couldn't find it in our digital music collection. Went to see if we still had the CD form, and thank god, it was there, buried under a ton of other music in an unlabeled case. Anyway, it's definitely worth a listen, even if you're not so big on the other Chemical Brothers stuff. Like I said on the Prodigy post, the album was free, so feel free to use one of the torrents of it, they're legal.
So what've these guys been up to lately? Well, after releasing Further last year(I think) they've been doing movie soundtracks. They were partially in charge of the Black Swan sound track, and did the entire Hanna soundtrack themselves.
While Prodigy has punk elements, Chemical Bros have rap elements, and in general are a lighter tone of music than either Prodigy or Crystal Method.
Rounding out the electronica trifecta, Chemical Bros.
Their Site:
Hold Tight London(this is among my favorites):
Block Rockin' Beats:
Do It Again(dang, there's a lot of bad videos of this one out there. I don't vet all my link videos, hope none of them are crappy!):
The Salmon Dance:
Wonders of the Deep:
The page for Flip The Switch. No song downloads here, sorry, would if I could:
Believe(Belief, Elektric Cowboy)(from Flip the Switch, this is an awesome remix):

For good measure, here's the link to the page for Screamixadelica(the Screamadelica remix album) since I won't be doing a Primal Scream day:

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