Saturday, January 26, 2013

Historical Songaday: Day 26 (Prodigy - Voodoo People)

I grew up with more Prodigy around me than either of the other basic electronicas(Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method). Oddly enough, they're my least favorite of the three. The songs I most remember as being near me in the past are Firestarter and Breathe, and we have the Prodigyremixed album Always Outsiders, Never Outdone. I'll talk about that for a moment: the musicremixed project was a group/website that, to my knowledge, produced three remix albums. One was of Primal Scream's Screamadelica(called Screamixadelica), another was of Chemcial Brothers' Push The Button(called Flip the Switch), and the third was of Prodigy's Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned(titled Always Outsiders, Never Outdone). thesethree remix albums were great. Unfortunately, the site died relatively recently. Just know that the albums were all FREE when the site was up - while you can't get 'em from the source anymore, torrents are out there, and are NOT illegal. Totally get 'em.
Anyway, back to Prodigy. Fat of the Land is still their most known album(probably due to the controversy that surrounded Smack My Bitch Up), and it's pretty good. I'm kinda hit-and-miss with Prodigy. They are, just like half this freaking list, British. Over time they've gained a lot more punk elements, and I think that's what I don't like as much.

Their site:
Voodoo People(Pendulum remix):
Voodoo People(Haiti Island Remix)(It's pretty obvious that this is my favorite song of theirs, and this is my favorite version of it):
Smack My Bitch Up:
Get Up Get Off:
The page for the Remix Album:
Girls(Idiotech Remix)(this is from the remix album, and is so much better than the original):

If you like Prodigy, GO CHECK THE REMIX ALBUM.
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