Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Art: Batman (collaboration with John)

So hey, how're y'all doing? I was planning on doing the AP posts today, but while I COULD do it it would be beneficial for me to have the character sheets/relationship map, and I don't have those while in Portland. I get home tomorrow, so that's when I'll do them - they won't be TOO tough.

In the meantime, I thought I'd do something unexpected and share some art I made earlier today. But first, some backstory...

THIS is John. THIS is John's Twitter. John is a friend of mine. He was one year below me through high school but lived in the same neighborhood as I do, so we're pretty cool with each other I think. He's one of my few friends who also shares a real interest in art. He's been trying to learn how to do some real good art, and he's definitely making progress.
A couple days ago, John made a Batman. John likes Batman. I also like Batman. John's art of Batman made me want to do art of Batman, but not enough to do a lot of work. Here is John's Batman.
Click for full-size, or, even better, feed his viewcount on the deviation and his profile!

So that's John's Batman. Now, you might be able to see where I'm going with this. Like with the Succubus and the Boy and His Dog, I pen tool'd over it!
I'll just cut to the chase and show it off.
Hey look. Batman! He would fit right in on a The Batman playbook. Anyway, I've actually got a bit more! I wanted to do some experimenting with the format, and I wasn't quite 100% on the shading, so I decided to try adding a middle grey shade as well. I like it!
Yup. Wooooo... Anyway, as I mentioned to John afterward, I'm not so sure on the anatomy of the original piece, and thus this suffers from a similar flaw. Still, I liked it enough to share, obviously. The face (the exposed skin bit I mean) is always one of the hardest bits. I think I did a decent job on the lips, but I woul dhave liked a more dynamicly lit face. Oh well, future experimentation!

So, uh, that's all for that. All that's left today is music!
Batman probably wouldn't approve of something so calming, but A Walk In The Woods is one of the best melodies in the Halo series. Also check Anniversary's "Lions And Tigers And" for a remixed one. I might do more Halo music soon-ish, been re-enjoying their soundtracks a lot.

Later folks.
End Recording,

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