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Fiasco Actual Play: Salem 1692

Wow, 9:00 rolled around faster than I expected tonight. Been a slow day on other fronts, a little bit very bored. Didn't do much writing though. Here's what I had for the Rapid-Fire Fiasco txt file I was working on - it covers my intro to the game with Kris and then my first session. The sequel to this post (which will come out soon enough, I promise) will contain our second session and then me talking about the game itself and what we liked and stuff.

Hey, so we've played two sessions of Fiasco! These were quite a while ago, but I'll try to recount them.
So I started the introduction of Fiasco to Kris before anyone else. A few days before, he'd been over and we'd been hanging out and the idea of it came up, mostly because it confused the hell out of him. Not Fiasco itself (he hadn't read it) but the concept of a GMless game. And so I grabbed a playset I liked from my collection (I picked White Hole) and did a quick 1-on-1 simulation of it with him. We imagined up a third group member (Tom) and did the whole setup, collaborating for Tom's stuff, and then did an example round of scenes (we basically came up with a premise, then the decision, then concluded and moved on). I showed him the Tilt and Aftermath and by this point he had a decent handle on how a GMless game can work, which was my point of the lesson. I had his buy-in to take full stab at the game with the group, as long as Daniel was up to some narrative effort.
Thankfully, he was!

So the first game. I went through my entire list of playsets with them and they pulled out a couple that sounded cool and then we talked through to which one to really use. The one we settled on was one that I hadn't even looked at before, actually: Salem 1692.
I seem to have gone and lost the sheets we did setup on, so here's what I remember.
It was Me, Kris, and Kenny. I believe Daniel couldn't make it. From the relationships:
- Kenny and I were Family, Brothers I think.
- Kris and I were Faith, Witch Hunters.
- Kris and Kenny were History, Killer and Witness. Kenny was the Killer in this case they decided.
The other stuff was: (while we placed Needs between people, we associated them more with a single person)
- Kenny had the Need "To Succumb to the Devil...by perverting Church doctrine". We considered this to be between him and me.
- Between Kris and Kenny was the Location "In Salem Town, Prison".
- I had the Need "To Get The Truth...Even if it kills them."

Our decided opening scenario was that Kris and I were witch hunters who came out of a witch-hunting training camp up north (Dogs in the Vineyard style) and have been working our way south. We've reached Salem, my hometown, and found my brother as the priest. The previous night, Kris had caught Kenny killing another person with his entourage of three young girl witches.
We woke up and went into town to find court in session, prosecuting one of the girls that was with Kenny for witchcraft. At some point Kenny revealed that he had been sent a vision that Gloria, a pregnant woman expecting very soon, needed to be sacrificed on the next moon to protect the town from evil. She fought against it, and Kris came forward in her defense, accusing Kenny, but the crowd believed their priest and Kris and the woman were taken to the prison for holding. I slipped out.
Kenny went next to see them and conversed. I forget most of the scene's details.
I confronted him afterward and he managed to out-religion me, making it sound like it was proper and Christian what they would do. It sucked - by which I mean the scene was awesome because neither of us are actually religious. What's with me and playing religious figures? This guy, my cleric, Dogs characters, hell, I played the freaking POPE in our Microscope game at GPNW.
We had some bits but the cool stuff that happened was Kris broke out of the prison and hid Gloria, and I went and took the girl one of Kenny's witch-girls, the one who had been being tried, and ambushed her by the river and lit her on fire and threw the ashes (she was a witch - ashes were all that remained) into the water, inciting religion the whole way. That was the last scene of Act I.
The other really cool scene of Act I was after Kris had broken out, he was stalking through the shadows of town at night. Kris saw light coming from the Church basement long after it should have been going, and decided to investigate. He went in and found Kenny in the middle of a ritual, him and two of his girls sacrificing the third - this is how they communicate with the Devil, by sacrificing one of the witches. It was now guaranteed that he knew they were the evil ones. They noticed him though and the two girls went all Harpy on him with their magic, chasing him down, but he got away. It was later that night that I ambushed one and torched them.
I don't remember both Tilt elements, but ONE of them was Failure - a tiny mistake leads to ruin. We decided that Kenny finished calling the Devil and was commanded to wait for the moon to do the sacrifice, but that afterward he was frightened by the incident and plotted to do the ritual immediately instead of the next day.
Kenny went and got out his Dark Lord robes, with the bull skull mask and all, and called upon his power to convert all the townspeople (who he'd been sowing the seeds of this spell in throuh corrupted wine and such) into his servants.
We had a chase scene with Kris trying to get Gloria away from a mob through the forest, but he failed and they got her.
Kenny brought Gloria to the front of the church and began the ritual. We made this one scene, the showdown, into a connected scene, where Kenny started it, then I continued it, and Kris finished it. Kenny had her there and, wielding his ritual dagger ready to sacrifice Gloria. I jumped in and wielded holy power and fire to keep him from finishing it when Kris directly struggled with him, got the knife, and slashed a great cross into his body, killing and destroying him. It was sweet and gruesome and horrible and awesome.
Our aftermaths were pretty great. Kenny pulled a flat zero - appropriate. He doesn't even get the Devil's approval, what with acting too hastily and all. Kris pulled White Five - his reputation was ruined. He had been accused as a witch and had just done horrible horrible destruction in front of everyone, they all think he's unhinged and violent. I managed Black 9 - I was fine. I'd succeeded, and was already a little jaded, and am even more so now, but I keep on witch hunting like normal.
I'm just very glad Kenny's rolls did nasty things to him - him coming out on top would not have worked after we literally killed the hell out of him.

That was session 1! In what was a bit of a surprise to me, after the game, Kenny immediately brought up that he would be totally down for doing another round of it next time. Also, doing a full game of it really drove home to me that this WAS something that Daniel's narrative hesitation wouldn't be an issue as long as we picked a playset he liked.
So yeah, probably within the next week I'll post the next one.

Also, my  musical obsession of the day: Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia is fuckin' amazing.
Enjoy the hell out of it. So what's tomorrow? Hmmm. I need two more consecutive days of material to have been going daily for a week...well, the fallbacks I have are 2 posts worth of art, and then I need to write another day's worth of Fiasco and the Rapid-Fire GPNW stuff... Art again? Yeah. Art again. Check back tomorrow for some more cool art.

End Recording,

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