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Double Actual Play Part 2: Fiasco (Last Frontier Infection)

"So, a double AP post.

Here's the story. Saturday was Kris's last gaming session with us in person before he heads off to college and I have to Skype him in. As such, I really wanted to be able to do some actual gaming. Sadly, Daniel's and Kenny's schedules are a little weird. Eventually, we come to a point where Kris is staying for the whole time, and Kenny joins us a bit later, and Daniel leaves earlier than the other two.
Kris and Dan and I just hang, and when Kenny shows up we're chatting and trying to figure out what to play. Kris has been wanting to run Lady Blackbird, so we go with that. When we get to the end point for the night (you'll see what it is) Daniel's parents show up and he gets picked up, leaving just Kris, Kenny, and I. We decide that we want to try to get  through a Fiasco. Unfortunately, we're a bit slower than we hoped, and leave it right at the start of Act II.
So that's why we have two different half-APs."

So now Daniel's gone, and we went through my list of playsets. There was one that the others had keyed on a couple of times, though it never really struck me as that much fun (due to genre/location, not quality of the playset), and that was the Last Frontier playset that takes place in southern Alaska. Here's the Score from the playset so you have an idea of the intended tone.
Adding some pitch black and blood red to the great white north ... fishing villages and fishing village idiots, timber contracts and factory ships, State Troopers in floatplanes and the weird guys who hide when they fly over - set among the emerald forests of southeast Alaska’s vast archipelago, this playset drags an offbeat but familiar setting into the crosshairs."
However, Kris had something in his mind that he wanted that helped guide our playset choice - zombies. Kris had just watched 28 Days Later, and it seems it was overhyped for him (especially since fast/virus-zombies aren't new anymore) cuz he just didn't get why people think it's so great. Through it, he'd been thinking: "Wow, we could do a game way better than this." And we did. Back in November. We played my little 3:16 zombies reskin, and it was glorious (holy cow that was NOVEMBER?). But Kris wanted some zombie flare. And the startup of a zombie plague in a backwater Alaskan town? Yup. That had me sold on a playset I was iffy about. There was no modifications to the playset itself - we just knew that we wanted to guide the plot toward zombies.
So who are we, and what are our relationships?
* Kris, playing Wilford Brimley! Yup. Same appearance. Different personality, but we imagine in this little movie production, he was PLAYED by Brimley as well.
* Kenny, playing Rasputin Komovich! Russian indeed. Kenny apparently wanted to put on another accent all night - he always does enjoy that. Rasputin got some higher education in Russia, at least until the cash ran out.
* Myself (Ego), playing Silvio Ardale! Despite a foreign-sounding name, I'm from here. My parents wanted me to sound all sophisticated-like, and figured that the best way to do that was to give me a foreign-sounding name. My chief inspiration for how I'm playing this character is Drebin from Metal Gear Solid 4. I emulated his speech every chance I got (Indeed Ironicus, that guy manages to communicate bleached hair with his voice alone).
*Wilford and Silvio are Family - Distant relatives through obscure lineage. Wilford's mom's sister had sex with Wilford's dad's brother, the child was Silvio's (grand?)mother. (We're not entirely sure on how old that would make him if it was grand, so we're just leaving it vague).
* Silvio and Rasputin have a Crime - Bookie and Gambler relationsip. Silvio is the bookie - I played the addict in Boomtown, so I figured I'd try the other side. We decided that what folks mostly bet on around here is dog races - mostly greyhounds, but I make a good deal off of the dogsled races too.
* Rasputin and Wilford are Work - Skilled Work Barterers. They're plumbers.
* Between Wilford and Silvio is an Object: Ugly: Candid video of a former governer. We didn't talk any more about this beforehand.
* Between Silvio and Rasputin is an Object: Valuable: Aluminum suitcase full of cash.
* Between Rasputin and Wilford is a Need: Need to Get Out...of an obligation to a dangerous outsider.

Kris got the first scene. He put it with Wilford and Rasputin driving out in their truck (of course it's a truck - it may be Alaska, but that doesn't mean they're not enormous rednecks) to go fix someone's plumbing, when the engine starts burning and pull over. By coincidence, another guy is already on the side of the road, his motorcycle a wreck next to him - he's a totally badass biker. Real scary dude. As they come over out of the truck and step toward him, they notice some serious bites on his arm, but don't ask about them. Conversation ensues, and the guy tells them that he's a pretty decent mechanic and that he can fix up their truck right quick if they'll do him just this one favor. They need to give him a ride back into town, and they need to drop off this package at this botanist's place for him. Either they agree, or no deal and he'll just work on his bike instead of fixing their truck. They need to get to their appointment quick, so they agree. They get on the road.
Kenny's scene. It's them arriving and doing the work on the customer - turns out this would be where the former governer comes in. And come on - former governer? In Alaska? It could only be Sarah Palin. Hell, it sounds like the start of a really bad joke: So Wilford Brimley, Sarah Palin, and Rasputin walk into a bar... Anyway, big news from this scene is mostly just that the bker had been with them still and managed to piss off Palin real bad and we needed to get out of there before she shot us to bits and fed us to her wolves. We've now been BLACKLISTED by Sarah Palin. Great.
So they get back in town, and drop off the biker (at the bar) and are heading toward the botanist for the errand (because they need to get out of that obligation or that sucker will kill them) when Silvio stops them. He's looking for Rasputin to pay up - now. Enough conversation happens, and Wilford uses his family tie to me to convince me to back off and give him a little more time. Weasel. They leave, off to the botanist's house.
Actually, wait. Realizing now that the Palin scene wasn't actually a separate scene - the getting back into town was still Kenny's scene.
NOW it's Silvio's scene, and it's him talking to Wilford back at his place later in the day. It's mostly me talking, and I convince him to tell me about that package I saw in the back of the truck. He doesn't know what's in it, but Wilford tells Silvio they left it on the desk at the botanist's place - the guy wasn't there but the door had been open. Maybe it's still there. I left to go get it - this was my pos/neg resolution, whether it would still be there or not. It was there! By the way, by now I've said that Silvio needs the money now because of his own debts - to Sarah Palin. He begins to plot about how to maybe get back at her with Wilford (who's afraid of retribution over the biker, so he wants some leverage himself).
Cut over to Kris's scene. Having taken some serious pain meds, he's feeling pretty okay, and decides to go over to the bar for a drink (he is a stupid stupid old backcountry dumbass), where he finds Rasputin. As he's going near the bar though, he sees the biker being packed up in a body bag. When he asks Rasputin, apparently he had a heart attack. Rasputin complains then about how the package seemed to have leaked something on him when he was carrying it. Mostly this is them talking about how weird it was to go into the botanist's almost-abandoned place. When Wilford lets slip that he told Silvio where to find the package, Rasputin freaks about helping out that greedy asshole, and they head over to the botanist's again to find Silvio carrying the now-consistently-leaking package out of the house. We argue, and decide to open it. And inside is...
The botanist's head! Se7en style. Except the head seems to have been relatively cleaning severed, but you can tell there are very obvious sores and bite marks around the neck area.
We start investigating the house as Rasputin's scene. We find all sorts of research and stuff, and a whole bunch of plants covered in weird berries (from out-of-game convo, we know these berries are carrying the zombie virus), and he has all sorts of bizarre research material, including a text on, like, reanimation. We grab all sorts of the research and are getting out of the house, with Rasputin leaning over the head box to pick it up when the worst thing possible happens for this particular setup: a police car shows up, sees us walking out of a house with armloads of stuff, and one of us standing over a decapitated head in a box. He pulls his gun and we're all handcuffed when a knocking starts inside the house.
This is my scene. So we're going in right behind the cop (who won't let us out of his sight) and we find that the banging is coming from the basement trapdoor, like something is trying to get out. The cop opens the trapdoor and gets immediately yanked down the stairs by the zombie. By the way, this is a slow-zombie, in that it's person speed, not super fast like some medias. It's not a nnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh braaaaaaaains while staggering along one though. Seeing this walking corpse grab the cop, we bail. We're running through the woods away from the house as fast as we can, all of us with our hands cuffed behind our backs, as we're trying to escape the zombie. Those two fuckers (and I mean that in the nicest most amazing way), they said this scene goes badly for me, and I trip and the zombie slashes open my leg before I can get away, infecting me. Uh oh. And that was the sixth scene - the end of Act I.
We rolled and did the Tilt, picking:
* Innocence - Collateral Damage
* Failure - A tiny mistake leads to ruin.
While we could go back around on this, we're pretty sure the collateral damage is the infection of the entire hospital they brought the biker to and the failure is not killing me right away. That second one I'm not feeling super-evoked by, so we'll see.

And that was the Last Frontier Infection, part 1! I'm super-excited to get back to this.
Music, real quick-like.
I actually haven't put any listening time into Combichrist, but this too was on the Underworld: Awakening soundtrack. I like it, it's not awful to go with this AP, and it's an enjoyable song by a dude I'd dismissed without thinking about it.

End Recording,

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