Sunday, August 19, 2012

Updates 8/19 (Pseudo-Schedule for Soon)

I would totally play an RPG titled Pseudo-Schedule For Soon. Moving on.

Y'all've all spoiled me. Seriously, when I look at my view counter and see 15 views and think "Dang, I really need to post something to get it moving again" I've been spoiled - it wasn't exactly very long ago when "Holy cow, I have 5 whole views today!" wasn't absurd. I mean, even if I know I have a good deal of regular spambots hitting my views, that means I'm significant enough to warrant those few spambots. And hey, when I tweet that I've got some stuff happening and a post will show up in the next couple days and I spike 20 views over the past several days, I get this great feeling of knowing that there ARE folks out there looking. That makes me really happy, so seriously thank you folks.

Now, you're not here to hear me talk about my view-counter - I do too much of that as it is. I wanted to catch folks fully up to speed of what's happening in the next little bit. Here's what I've got on the dock to do:
* The Bourne Legacy review. I saw this last night (as my Twitter readers know; what, you thought you could escape me advertising my Twitter?) so the review is coming. If you're itching to know, it's good - I don't quite think it's of the calibur of the other Bournes (especially Identity) but it's still good. Kris was saying that he actually likes the other Bournes and Legacy equally, but in very different ways, and I mostly agree. My opinion is that Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum were first and foremost spy/conspiracy movies, whereas Legacy is an action movie with overtones of secret-agentness and conspiracy. It's a different beast. This has been Rapid-Fire Reviews does Bourne Legacy I guess.
Hmm. Other than this I'm caught up on movies.
* Wrath of the Lamb review. I'm in the process of writing it, don't worry. Seriously though, again, if you need an immediate opinion: Go get it. It does tons of good, and while it makes the game harder overall if you're starting with it at least you'll have cut your teeth on it instead of suddenly getting a second wave of having to adjust. Shoot, now that I've mentioned it I need to go play it...
Okay, yeah, that run didn't go all that well. Eve to Womb 1, died to Conquest. At least while my Winamp was going I found the song to stick on this post.
* AP stuff, I need to write up the Rapid-Fire Go Play NW post. That'll be Microscope, Commando World, Geiger World, 3:16 CatS, and Metamorphosis: Omicron.
* AP for tonight's games! I just played 2 halves of 2 games. See, we were off our average schedule, and we were playing Lady Blackbird (Kris wanted to run it) and eventually Dan had to go, so we decided to set the game on hold - not crazy, we've done that before. Afterward, we decided we'd see if we could fit a game of Fiasco (with Kris, Kenny, and me) inside the remaining time, and  got through Act I and the Tilt before packing it in - hopefully we'll finish next time. If you're wondering, we're playing the Last Frontier playset, but with a zombie infection uprising. It's actually going really well.
* Art stuff. If you've watched my Twitter, you may have seen a WIP image of another Bit.Trip image. It's pretty cool. Also, with classes starting again soon I'll likely wind up drawing more Art of the Pantheon finally.

Okay, that should be it. Real fast I want to talk about a few things RPG-wise.
1) Tonight was Kris's last game with us in person before heading back to university. As before, we can Skype him in, but for the next week, maybe next 2 he won't be gaming with us.
2) This doesn't necessarily mean we won't be gaming! We have games that run with only 3 people, right? That's what we played before we got Kenny back, so hey, cool. The one I've been working to sell them on is getting to play Apocalypse World. Seriously, I love the game to pieces and it does break my heart a little that Kris isn't really into post-apoc stuff (though I don't begrudge him that - he doesn't like it, I won't make him play it. We're all here to have fun, not just me), so now that we're almost definitely going to have weeks where Kris just can't make it, I'm going to try to make it work with the others on those otherwise-dud days. Now, it would probably work better if the group size gets back to four...
3) Luke is a former group member of ours. He played with us very intermittently through high school (he'd come in, be super-excited, start a campaign, and end up with a million excuses why he couldn't make it each week). That's fine, it's the past. He's a pretty cool dude, and currently lives a significant distance away (several states worth), but he's been close with Kenny thanks to a shared Warhammer 40,000 interest, and has been inquiring about possibly being able to Skype in to game with us. Honestly, story games and their structuring is VASTLY more appropriate to the sort of game style Luke liked to play. Here's an anecdote: We're a party, four of us. I'm the wizard, he's the rogue. Everyone but me walks into a room (since I think it's trapped but they don't) and they all pretty much just get nuked all to hell and all three of them manage to fucking DIE. So here I am, and I call upon a patron deity for divine favor and get it, and he lets one of the party members, at random, be revived. Luke the rogue gets it! First thing he does is to grab stuff off the bodies and start running. I realize after a couple moments that he has a giant diamond on him that, if ground up, could easily revive both of the others. He won't share, and ends up attacking me! So I shut him down - a house-ruled magic item that is FAR more powerful than it should be tears him to little bits. That's really inappropriate for D&D! That's also par for the course behavior in Apocalypse World. Fun.
Unfortunately, that means I need to Skype in both Luke AND Kris. Which means it's time to upgrade to their premium thing, I guess. The things I do for this game... (thankfully, Kenny is willing to pitch in to help with the cost on that one maybe so it shouldn't be that bad reall)
4) Well, Luke's going into the military. Doesn't matter much in terms of the game - where he Skypes in from doesn't matter. Dan, though, is now ALSO in the military - he got himself sworn into the Air Force in the past couple weeks! (Congrats man). His ship-out date for basic is a little up-in-the-air, but I could pretty soon be having more Skype players than physical ones...

All in all, what this adds up to is: A scheduling nightmare. Kris's classes, Daniel's no-driver's-license, my own classes, Kenny's work (and classes I think), Luke's being multiple time zones away and busy, I have my hands full.

Anyway, stuff should start going up pretty soon-ish. I'm heading out to the Portland area for a couple days starting tomorrow (Sunday) but I ought to be able to post. I'll tweet for a more up-to-date schedule. Aaand here's a song!
Been really enjoying Hyper's 2006 album We Control. It's really good, as is this song. Later folks.

End Recording,

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