Friday, August 3, 2012


So hey, I feel like a bad person succumbing to horrible trends now, but I hope it's mitigated. Look at the top right of the sidebar to the right of this post: A twitter feed. Yes. I made a damn Twitter account. Some clarifications:

* The Twitter feed is not for me to post every stupid little thing that comes into my head and I will not spam you with dumb shit about my day. This is why people turn against Twitter, because of people who wield it frivolously and without thinking first. If I really feel the need to do that (and if I start, TELL ME) I'll get myself a separate personal twitter.

* Instead, this Twitter is for updates on or about this blog that I don't think are worthy of a whole post. I often try to minimize the sort of "Hey, sorry for no content, here's what's up" posts because they knock real things off the front of the blog, and that stuff is the important stuff. You may hear such things as:
"Sorry for lateness, here's what's up."
"Won't be writing a whole review for X, have a score now to tide you over until the Rapid-Fire."
"Just [finished game X/saw movie Y/played a session of Z], review soon!"
"Want a WIP sneak peak of something cool? Here: LINK."
"New post is up: TITLE, LINK."
If any of those interest you, or you simply want to hear from me more often than a couple times a week (my ideal release schedule) then you should follow me.

* Ease, following or not, and the way I do things. I don't know about you, but on several of the sites I frequent (such as webcomic Questionable Content or podcast The Walking Eye) when I get there, the first thing I do is check for new content, and the second thing is to find their Twitter feed to see if they mentioned anything about new stuff. Now, obviously, I didn't have a Twitter before - I don't think you need to actually Follow someone to get the benefit out of Twitter. Checking a Twitter is easy and fast and they have to be to-the-point. Yes, this is a blog and there's an RSS Feed if you want notifications, but I have to say that Twitter is FAR easier than using an RSS Feed. Those are the motivations behind getting one of these.

* I am an unrepentant view-whore. I watch my pageview count like a hawk - several times an hour if I'm just browsing the internet. I did so on my DeviantArt account, I do so on here (it's kinda unhealthy), and the inability to check how many times a tweet of mine has been viewed is going to drive me up the wall. As such, I'm likely instead going to obsess over my follower count. But know: it's not just a matter of e-self-esteem. Seeing that I have views or comments or followers is really what keeps me motivated to produce new content because it means that there are people who care about what I'm saying and that I'm not just talking to an empty room, that there's people who want to see the content I make. So seriously, please show me something if you're out there reading. If you read my twitter but don't have one of your own to follow with, just let me know that you're out there.
Okay, I'm done view-whoring again now. Back to Twitter stuff.

* Oh hey, I should probably post the link. I mean, you can find it on the top-right, but it should probably be here too just in case. I am @Logbook_Project, at

So that's everything about what's going on with that.
While I'm here, a rundown of what's happening soon.
Movies: Still need to write a Dark Night Rises review. Other than that I'm actually caught up. Interested in seeing Total Recall, I don't care what the reviewers say. The sci-fi buff in me is raring to go, and I never saw the original (or read Dick's short story) so my head won't be trying to compare it.
Video Games: Sitting on the Rapid-Fire Reviews for this for another day or two to let this post sit on top, then you'll have it. The list includes ME3 Extended Cut, Audiosurf, and Kirby: Return to Dreamland. Gonna wait 1 week from today - if Binding of Isaac doesn't have another update I'll review it. Wrath of the Lamb has been in so much flux that any previous review may not be entirely accurate even.
If you're curious what I've been doing with my gaming now, I played through Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations completely for my brother so he could see all the story without having to play it himself. It was a lot of fun and has me very excited for ACIII. Other things I'm excited for are Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 and Dishonored actually, and other stuff I'm playing right now are Fallout 3 and Sonic Generations.
RPGs: Got a Rapid-Fire Fiasco post and a Rapid-Fire Go Play NW post in the pipeline being written, the D&D Next Caves of Chaos annotations feel off the block for a bit but will be done soon, then I'll probably Rapid-Fire catch-up to talk about the clarifications and commentary that's been happening in stuff like Legends & Lore every week (if you feel like you've read something like that on Sage Latorra's blog, you have, I'm stealing the idea).
As for more RPGing myself, Kris is on vacation and gets back on the 10th, so we'll game soon after that, though exactly what is up in the air. Alternatively though I'm thinking of getting together with just Daniel and Kenny and maybe finding a third person to run Apocalypse World with since Kris isn't really interested in it.
Art: Been apocalypse-world-izing more art. Also might make some more of the blander playbooks into official looking tri-folds. If I do I'll post some here. Might try doing the treatment to some of my own Art of the Pantheon drawings.

I guess I should take down the Midsummer Songaday banner already. Anyway, later folks, and I hope the Twitter things makes this place more usable/helpful!

End Recording,

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