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D&D Next: Legends & Lore 8/6

Hey, keeping up to speed. Middle of the day post that I forgot I needed to do. Okay, fun stuff. Time to talk real quick. This is not replacing tonight's art post, so check back later. Talking about L&L is pretty much never going to take the place of a nightly post btw.

Column 12: Playtest Update, Part 2
* Fighter Options. Um, Mike? We get it that people complained about it. We were the ones who complained (well, not me, but readers as a whole apparently). What are you DOING about it? I know we'll see in a couple weeks, but give us a hint or something. Please?

* Surprise. Sure. We don't mess with surprise in my groups. We just narrate and do what we will until all sides know it's combat and then roll initiative. We don't end up with surprise very often anyway.

* Critical Hits. Sure thing, I can wait. I might give it my own tweak and switch it back to double damage on crits - I've just got a soft spot for that, even if maxing the dice is more balanced (and more reliable :/ )

* Resting. Hmm. I'm not so sure I want HP and damage to drop - I mean, I just got TPK'd. I see the idea though, and I'm interested to see how it works out. The changes you mention to the healing itself though? Hell yeah, sounds good.
I didn't mind HD, so cool.
*twitch twitch* My long rests full-heal me. ALWAYS. But do what you will - whatever you put on the paper, we'll be playing with full-heal rests.

* Set list of skills? Awwwww. Give us a SAMPLE list of preliminary skills, but not an all-inclusive one. You lose a lot of the flexibility when you bind it like that.
I'm not sure that solves the Rogue issue. It still looks like the Cleric is gonna be a better trapfinder by virtue of his +4.

Very much looking forward to the next packet!

In related news, I'm SO HAPPY to say that we've got the D&D Penny Arcade Podcast going again a bit. Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade and Scott Kurtz from PvP are going through chargen, guided through by Mike Mearls himself! Even if you don't care about them doing Actual Play podcasting or anything, give it a listen, they're asking Mike some great questions and Mike is giving some fantastic answers and explanations in much more plain-speak than on the columns. They're explaining the purpose behind changing editions, what the issues with 4e sort of were and what its redeeming factors were and ESPECIALLY that if you like 4e a ton already then stick with it.
Very VERY informative stuff and very enlightening since Mike is pretty happy with the stance of 4th and is confused why he should change and is making a great discussion of it.
Also it strikes me suddenly that D&D Next's characters almost perfectly match the original Acquisitions Inc.
So check it out here! :

(also entirely off-topic, congrats Curiosity team, it's a phenomenal thing you've done)

End Recording,

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