Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rapid-Fire Reviews: Video Games (ME3 Extended Cut, Audiosurf, Kirby: Return to Dreamland)

It is WAY too bloody hot out, western Washington isn't supposed to get like this. Seriously, for all the complaining folks might do because of the constant grey and drizzle, at least I don't have to deal with this damn heat most of the time. Bring back that grey overcast cloud cover!
In more positive news, I'm thrilled to say that we managed to get my network drive working again and rescued the data. Nearly 250 gigs of music, back in my hands. I'm ecstatic, or would be if getting excited didn't make me even hotter in this damn weather.
Anyway, on to the reviews! I'm still waiting on reviewing Wrath of the Lamb, but it's intentional. Soon, fellas!

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut
Just wanted to mention how this fixes every single issue I have with the ending. With the Perfect Paragon run, destroy with more than enough Effective Military Strength, I got everything I wanted. The people who are still complaining are never going to be pleased now, but those saying "too late" are just complaining for the sake of complaining, and the people who are saying the ending ruins the whole series should just be ignored - they're just plain fucking stupid. That's not how quality works, and I saw the ending - it didn't ruin it, even before. All this isn't enough to raise the actual score I gave it before (since I'd been discounting any ending confusion with faith that the Extended Cut would fix it), but know that it made it golden.
Also, Torn brought up a good point. If you've already beaten the game and don't want to go through for the EC, or if you felt satisfied enough that it doesn't matter, check it out anyway - it gives some excellent clarification to the Joker leaving bit, and there's a brief moment of extra cutscene between you and your romanced teammate which is quite touching.
Tali'Zorah forever folks.

Also, excited for ME3: Leviathan. Looks like it'll be a good time.

I confess, I've been playing audiosurf for over a year and a half. Pirated. Now that I've bought it (thanks to the Steam Summer Sale) I just wanted to say that I love it. It's easily the best rhythm game I've ever played, it's highly competitive and skill based, loaded with nuance, and thanks to the benefits of the Visualizer Freeride, it's probably my new favorite way to listen to music.
I'm also not half bad at it.
Grade: 5/5, though not sure if I'd say 10/10. I need to fiddle around more with all of these features.

Kirby: Return to Dreamland
This was a lot of fun paired with some curious decisions. First off, the controls. They're decent, but far too slippery/floaty. Kirby needs to react when I press the buttons. Another thing of note is the Boss of World 5. Up until then, the game had been easy enough, like a Kirby game. That boss and then the levels after it, I've NEVER seen Kirby that hard. And unfortunately, most of it was bullshit-hard, not good-hard. Now, maybe it was just because I was playing to get every single Energy Sphere - god I hate Sphere Doomer. Anyway, my big thing with this game was that it felt like a fusion of a bunch of other great Kirby games, but it didn't quite live all the way up to any of the individual masterworks (Kirby 64, Adventure, Super Star were the main three it didn't quite get to). I greatly enjoyed it, and was very happy to have a Kirby game that could be challenging, and that Kirby was back to sucking up powers (which, in general, were great, thouh I still think one of the games needs to bring back dual-powers). I mean, I like Epic Yarn as a game, but not as a KIRBY game.
It's worth mentioning that I've only done single-player. I want to do co-op with my bro, but have not done so yet, and I've heard co-op makes the game awesome.
Overall, I'd say it's a great game that deserves to be played, especially if you can convince some friends to play with you.
Grade: 8.5/10. Not Crystal Shards or Super Star, but a great addition to the late-stage Wii library.

So that's it for today. What should tomorrow be? How about some art? It's been a bit since I did art. Yeah, art tomorrow. Not sure what art - I have a couple - but it'll be good.
End Recording,

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