Saturday, August 11, 2012

Art: Commander Video and the Bit.Trip

So hey. I'm pretty much entirely at a loss tonight. I know I have things to put up, but it's one of those lazy nights and I'm having trouble concentrating. View count is stabilizing again after the firestorm that was Tuesday (over 80 views! In 1 day! My previous record was about 60, so this is exciting for me to actually have people seeing things). Still, I want to keep up being daily, at least for a little bit longer. So tonight is something from both yesterday and this morning that I pulled together - an art of Commander Video from the Bit.Trip games!

Now, I'm a huge fan of the Bit.Trip games. I've beaten Runner (by some fluke - I've only beaten the final pre-boss level one time and cannot repeat the feat), beaten Flux, and haven't beaten anything else. I'm on the final level of Beat, can't beat even the first level of Core or Void (Void would be SO much better if they'd abandoned the circle pad and let us use the touch screen on Saga), and am on like Level 4 of Fate.
This is not tonight's feaured image. I made this on my own a bit ago for no particular reason. Click for the full size - it's quite large. Commander Video (btw if you don't know who that is, he's the guy running on the ground here and is the main star of the series) is actually pixel-for-pixel identical to his in-game iteration, but I made up what his friends Commandgirl Video, Meat Boy, Junior Melchkin and Radbot look like in silhouetted rainbow-caped form. I actually intend to go get this made into a poster cuz I like the games so much.
Anyway, moving on to the main feature:
Watch out, it's fucking huge. Anyway, this is just an image of him running that I drew on a 3x5 index card with pencil first and then went over with sharpie. You can see the pencil lines where I started to draw the rainbow and then realized I should stop before I mess up what I already have and start snapping photos. This is the picture I ended up liking the most (with B&W filter, obviously). Also, if you're curious that's D&D 3.5's Heroes of Battle underneath the card - picked up the book at GPNW at the free table and been reading it and using it as a drawing platform when I'm bored of looking through it. You couldn't care less about this though, so let's move on.

Now, I ran into the same exact issue as I did when I drew the Angel: turns out when you zoom in on sharpie the lines are awfully wobbly and blotchy. Also when you Posterize/Color-Reduce it turns out it takes the lines and makes them into jagged monstrosities. And so, I spent like an hour cleaning it up (thankfully Commander Video is built with swooping curves without much variance along them so it wasn't as horrible of a time using the pen tool) and like the result enough to use it on a day without much else going on. Not to degrade the accomplishment; I do like how it turned out.
DEFINITELY click for full view. So yeah, tried to futz around with transparency but nothing looked good. I liked the look with the text there. Also I know the rainbow bands aren't the same width all the way down and that they're supposed to go all the way to his feet, but I didn't like it like that. His hands are also just a stylistic thing btw, I have no idea what official word says about what his hands look like.

So yeah, that's what I have for today. I'll likely also post up a mini-thing about the Dungeon World pre-release pdf, but I don't have much new to say there. Oh, have some music!
I am a dubstep hater. Yes, part of that is me hating it cuz it's popular. Also part of it is because 99% of it is really really bad. However, my intense love for the No More Heroes soundtrack and OCR's high standards and stellar track record told me to give it a shot and, well, this is how dubstep should be. Heavy, distorted, but the melody is clearly identifiable and recognizable, unlike anything Skrillex has ever done. If you're a dubstep hater too, give this a shot. I want this remix in the next No More Heroes (it seems like it would suit Suda 51 to give us a dubstep themed boss tune anyway - dubstep is the new punk, stylistically, after all).
So yeah. Go play some Bit.Trip and listen to some No More Heroes, it'll be a fun night.

End Recording,

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