Friday, August 2, 2013

Art: Anna Paquin's Rogue in Charcoal

EDIT: Whoops, forgot a song! this is from Shadowrun Returns, which I haven't played yet, but its soundtrack is pretty good, especially when it's action-y.

So, I went to see The Wolverine yesterday. It was good - not incredible, but good. Much much better than Origins Wolverine or X3, and a different beast than the (also excellent) First Class. In excitement for going, I watched the first two X-Men movies the night before, and still liked them. All in all, they got me very excited for next year's Days of Future Past movie. My favorite character is coming back! And if you read the title, you know it's Rogue. I really like the movie Rogue, and having not had her in the X-Men movies since 2006, it'll be super good to see her again. And Magneto has all his power back now, so Rogue probably does too, though honestly I don't care because silly high school drama between her, Bobby, and Kitty was absolutely the best part of X3 (though that's not saying much :/).

Oh wait, this post is about art.
Well, here, for reference, let's have a screenshot of movie Rogue. I think it's from the end of the first movie, but it's off of Google so I can't be sure.
I was feeling art-y at the time, and I guess I was feeling a bit confident/ambitious too, because trying to capture an actress' likeness isn't a thing I've tried really doing before. I did some life drawing in my Drawing class, but that's not quite the same. I don't think I did perfect, but I think I did well!
The actual image is very very big, but click on it if you want! I'm pretty happy with it. I hope you agree. Maybe I'll take on a different real person sometime. I don't think I quite nailed the expression, but it's pretty decent still, even in that regard.
It's charcoal on paper (if I'd known it would've been a real project I would've used something with a bit more texture - charcoal gives those weird streaks you see in the hair on paper), with a mild amount of color-correction in GIMP to adjust weird photograph stuff.

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