Friday, August 9, 2013

August of Games: Day 9 - Team Fortress 2

The music in the game generally is very subtle during play - mostly you hear the soundtrack on the menu screen, or in the Meet The ____ series of videos.

Team Fortress 2
Developer: Valve
Genre (Setting): Modern
Genre (Gameplay): First Person Shooter, Multiplayer
What is this game: This is a game where you play as a garishly colored dude with a weapon and work with a team of other similarly-colored dudes with weapons to beat the other team of opposite-colored dudes with weapons. There is also a co-op mode where one team of people fights waves of computer-controlled bots that you kill. It is a free-to-play first-person shooter that has been hugely-praised. It's a 2007 game that remains a king of the multiplayer shooter world through its constant updates.
What's great about it: It's balanced incredibly well, there's a good sense of humor, a variety of characters with very distinct personalities and playstyles, and a much friendlier graphical style than boring stuff like Call of Duty.
Two things are the real benefits though. The first is that it is utterly free. I have a pay copy from before, but it doesn't really give me any concrete benefit. You can buy things on the microtransaction market, but you don't actually gain an edge over anyone who hasn't so there's no pay-to-win going on. the other thing is that the community, by and large, is incredibly friendly! Everyone is very tolerant of newbies, and there's none of the absurd raging or vitriol-spewing that gives the Call of Duty community a bad reputation.
I 100% recommend watching Valve's series of videos titled "Meet the [Class Name]", they're extremely funny and do a good job of further cementing the sense of personality in each character.

Oh, I should mention that this is the ONLY game I play Online Multiplayer with (other than, on the rare occasion, Mass Effect 3). I dislike online multiplayer, but this game is strong enough to bring me in.

How do I get it: In The Orange Box for Windows and 360, or for the PS3, but really you want it on Steam because it's free.

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