Sunday, August 4, 2013

August of Games: Day 4 - Super Meat Boy

Love this soundtrack!

Super Meat Boy
Developer: Team Meat (Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes)
Genre (Setting): Retro
Genre (Gameplay): Platformer
What is this game: You play as a cube of meat whose girlfriend has been stolen by Doctor Fetus. You progress through ever-more-difficult platforming challenges until you finally win. The concept is dirt simple, but don't knock it for that.
The story of the game's development was chronicled in Indie Game The Movie! Go watch that movie.

What's great about it: It all comes down to precise controls and excellent level design. No matter how difficult the game gets, when you die, it's your fault - the controls are very well-tuned. There are a lot of levels, and some of the last ones are unbelievably hard (I should mention that I haven't beaten all the stages, not by a longshot). The levels never really get stale, always either introducing new obstacles or using the existing ones in new ways and combinations. There's a good deal of collectibles and alternate characters who function completely differently. And even once you've played all the levels, there's a decently sized community dedicated to completing levels with low death numbers or absurdly fast. Like Isaac, the Danny Baranowsky soundtrack is really really good.

How do I get it: On Steam, for $15. Also on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft points.

Today's a short day it seems :3. Sometimes these games are just so easy to explain and what makes it amazing is something so basic and central that it doesn't take much to praise it!

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