Sunday, August 11, 2013

August of Games: Day 11 - VVVVVV (Let's Play!)

My favorite song off of Souly's great chiptune soundtrack that I forgot to include.
Today is a very special post, including a video of me playing the game all the way through! Please watch it and let me know what you think.

Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Genre (Setting): Sci-fi, Retro
Genre (Gameplay): Platformer(?), Puzzle
What is this game: You play as a little fella named Captain Viridian. After a dimensional whatsit separates all your crew members across the area you need to run around and solve the room puzzles and collect your crew members again. The gameplay gimmick is there are only five actual buttons: Left, right, Action (you can use the space bar, the up button, or the down button as Action), Quit, and Menu. The action button only works when you are on solid ground, and clicking it reverses your personal gravity, causing you to stick to the ceiling instead of the floor (or the reverse). Bouncing up and down and avoiding obstacles as you run through the rooms trying to avoid the obstacles (that all kill you if you touch them even a little) with as few deaths in as little time as possible is the main drive of the game. There are also time trials, and collectables in the game.

What's great about it: It's simple, it's got charming retro pixellated graphics and a very Commodore 64 style to it with funny names for every room. The puzzles are fun and challenging, even to replay thanks to the difficulty of the platforming itself. It's easy to get into and hard to master.
You know what? Want to know why I love this game? Well, why not just watch me PLAY the game? I recorded a runthrough of me playing it and also recorded commentary over it afterward. I don't explain how to beat the game, or get all the trinkets - this is just a taste, seeing me do a complete run. It takes 25 minutes for me, and this is both my fastest run ever and my least deaths ever!
Ignore my stupidity over the names of the characters. It's been a while.

Hope you enjoyed it! Are you interested in more videos of me playing games and maybe talking about them? This is the first time I've ever done this, and in the future I'd actually remember to include the damn background music. I have like 80 hours of Binding of Isaac footage already with no commentary.

How do I get it: Steam for $5 or on the 3DS eShop for I have no idea how much.

End Recording,

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