Monday, August 5, 2013

August of Games: Day 5 - Mirror's Edge

Heat is my favorite level of the game. I love all of them, but there's something about Heat - a feeling of overwhelmingly bright sun and intense color and height. It's also a really interesting level with a lot of hidden little tricks you can do to speed up your time. It also has what it probably the most iconic ending in the games, the crane jump. God I love this game, I think I'm gonna go play this game. The entire soundtrack, done by Solar Fields, is among my top video game soundtracks next to TWEWY, No More Heroes 1/2, and Bastion.

Mirror's Edge
Developer: DICE (of EA)
Genre (Setting): Dystopian future, modern technology levels
Genre (Gameplay): First-person platformer and shooter.
What is this game: Play as a lady who likes to run and break the law, trying to get your sister free after she's been wrongfully imprisoned and help unravel a corporate conspiracy. Do cool parkour and run fast through various environements, finding your way through and beating up, shooting, or avoiding all the policemen who get in your way.

What's great about it: Absolutely stunning visual aesthetics. The brightest, most saturated dystopian future around, everything just looks great. The music, by Solar Fields and a main theme sung by Lisa Miskovsky, is atmospheric and amazing. Thrilling as hell, and the levels are absolutely loaded with various paths you can take depending on the moves you use. Speedrunning is a lot of the point to replaying, and it's fun, if frustrating when the controls caused your demise rather than any lack of skill. However, I bust this game out any time I have a few spare hours and feel like having some fun, just blitzing through the campaign. Thanks to the developer's great sense of style, the flaws simply don't matter, leading the game to be one of my absolute favorites.

How do I get it: On Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam and Origin. It costs $20 on those PC platforms, and I recommend those if your computer can handle it.
The game's sequel was finally announced at E3 this year, nearly five years after the original's release and rumors popping up intermittently every few months for the whole period. They gave a snippy but appropriate release date of "When it's ready", but short trailer looks so gorgeous that I'm chomping at the bit. Coming to next-gen consoles, if I don't have one already then I will buy a PS4 just to get this on release day.

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