Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August of Games: Day 7 - Nightsky

Nightsky's soundtrack is simple and soothing, evoking atmosphere rather than excitement. It's smooth and calming and the perfect fit for a game like Nightsky.

Indie day!

Developer: Nicalis
Genre (Setting): Modern, Retro
Genre (Gameplay): Puzzle
What is this game: In this game you are a small sphere. You have the power to move left, to move right, to put on the brakes, and to activate a special power that depends on the stage. Each stage is a puzzle based upon their physics engine and your reflexes.

What's great about it: The game is calm and thoughtful, and the puzzles can be pretty tough. There's also quite a lot of them. Aesthetically, the game uses the black-objects-against-colored/cloudy-backdrop style that was driven to widespread recognition in LIMBO the following year. It's a simple, calming, mentally-challenging exercise, and is thoroughly enjoyable.
How do I get it: Steam, for $10.

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