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August of Games: Day 28 - Bit.Trip presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

I've featured this lovely soundtrack before in Sunday Songs (which I realize I missed this week's - my bad, sorry), and it's just awesome. This is the second song from The Supernature, and is one of many excellent songs.

Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
Developer: Gaijin Games
Genre (Setting): Retro
Genre (Gameplay): Auto-running Platformer
What is this game: This is a weird game where you play Commander Video, who has to run through a whole bunch of stages in order to get out of the weird predicament he's found himself in. If you haven't caught on yet, this game is all about weirdness and quirkiness in its style. It makes it very clear from the beginning to the end that it's meant to make you arch your eyebrows and say "...wait, for real?" The plot is super simple, but there's a bunch of stages.
The sequel to Bit.Trip Runner, it is actually not a part of the storyline told by the six Bit.Trip games.
What's great about it: Runner2 is all the fun of Runner, plus more! It's got the same addictive and interesting gameplay, with a couple mechanics added in (such as slide-jumping). Probably the biggest thing it has over the original is accessibility: it's much easier for a player to jump into than the brutally-difficult original Runner. Frankly, if you're a veteran of the first game, this one feels like a piece of cake once you get used to the new mechanics. Instead, the game pulls out the most dangerous trick that the Bit.Trip series has up its sleeve in order to provide difficulty later in the game: screwing you over with the background. Not only is there often distracting elements (though interesting for other people to watch while you play!), but the game throws color filters over in some worlds that majorly obscures your ability to see the obstacles. There's some tricky stages, but I was able to perfect every stage on Normal mode, which I can't even come close to in the original - hell, I have a hard time just beating the final stages of the original. Even the Hard mode stages of Runner2 have nothing on it.
Of course, I'm saying how it's easier, but it's not quite EASY - it really is about accessibility, and I consider it a good thing! It's weird, but I suggest playing Runner2 first, then going back to normal Runner.
Anyway, the game has flash and style! It's quite the experience. The graphics are pretty, and the soundtrack is spectacular (as I've already featured in a Sunday Songs post!). There's lots of little collectible stuff hidden behind alternate paths, a bunch of characters and a lot of costumes for those characters.
How do I get it: Steam, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Vita. Steam price is $15, and is the only version I have expreience with, though I played it with a 360 controller. Get it for the platform of your choice, I can't imagine any reasons one would be better than another with this game.

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