Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Songs: Anamanaguchi - Japan Air

Anamanaguchi are consistently amazing. Like many chiptune bands they make their music using retro game consoles, but are a bit different in that they don't take their influence from video game music but from other bands like Weezer. The rock/chip mix is excellent. They recently released Endless Fantasy, their second studio album, and this is from that. Dawn Metropolis (the first album) was great as well, and both Mermaid and Blackout City have been featured on this blog, and are findable on the music page. (incidentally, those two are the songs used in Bit.Trip Runner)
Anamanaguchi also did the music for the Scott Pilgrim game, and I fuckin' love Scott Pilgrim, so it makes listening to their stuff even more enjoyable.

This is one of the first songs of their's to use vocals!

Blackout City
Helix Nebula
Endless Fantasy
SPF 420
Canal Paradise
Snow Angels
Another Winter

Note to those who like tabletop stuff: I've been murmuring about this other not-Avatar-World game I'm building over on Twitter a lot, and now a bit on G+. Check it out, it's a game about optimism

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