Thursday, August 29, 2013

Avatar World: The Firebender's Fiddly Bits

I'm a fan of Angel Beats!, though I'd probably not admit in public. The couple of GirlDeMo albums are actually pretty good! Maybe it's just my attitude lately. And yes, I prefer the Yui version over the Iwasawa version. That's not true for all the GirlDeMo songs, but it is for Crow Song.
Maybe I'll post something not anime soon. I'm kinda spending all my game tracks on August of Games, and I haven't found the right Nightcore song yet to feature (maybe I'll do that Sunday), but for now, anime!

Nothing special here, just some fiddly bits for the Firebender! 2 more to go.

Flavor Text:
Fire is the great destroyer and the life-giver, and you've trapped it in your soul. You're quicker to be emotional than anyone else, but disciplined enough to stay in control. Most of the time, that is.
Stat (Pick One Array):
* Natural -1, Hot +2, Solid +1, Keen +1, Fluid +0
* Natural +0, Hot +2, Solid -1, Keen +1, Fluid +1
* Natural +1, Hot +2, Solid +1, Keen +0, Fluid -1
* Natural -1, Hot +2, Solid +1, Keen +0, Fluid +1
* Natural +1, Hot +2, Solid +0, Keen -1, Fluid +1
For reference, that's "Soldier", "Mako", "Iroh", "Zuko", and "Azula", roughly. I'm blessed with quite the selection of inspiring firebenders! (note: Mako's not that inspiring though, didn't really like him much)
Look (Pick One From Each Set):
* Exposed muscles, intimidating clothes, simple garb, obvious burns
* Burning eyes, warm eyes, smoldering eyes, lively eyes
Defensive wear (1-Armor)
A family heirloom
* Your fire hurt someone and you promised you'd  make it up to them. Who was it, and how do you plan to redeem yourself?
* There was something you swore you'd never do with your fire. What was it? Why is it important to you?
* Volatile and explosive,
* Honorable and disciplined,
* Excitable and energetic,
* Understanding and peaceful,
* ________ (write your own)
Once you've trained with a master firebender, you may add the Area tag to any of your firebending attacks, striking at many foes without penalty.
 When you have 5 XP, you can gain no more. Reduce your XP from 5 to 0 at any point to take an advancement:
__ You have +1 Natural (max +3)
__ You have +1 Solid (max +3)
__ You have +1 Keen (max +3)
__ You have +1 Fluid (max +3)
__ gain a new "Chi Key" from the list, or write your own.
__ gain a new Firebender move
__ gain a new Firebender move
__ gain a new Firebender move
__ gain a move from another playbook
__ gain a move from another playbook
///////////////////////// (these improvements can only be taken once you've taken 5 of the above improvements)
__ You have +1 to any stat (max +3)
__ Retire your character to safety
__ create a second character to play side-by-side with this one
__ change your character to a new type

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